The Best Monopod/Tripod for 360 Cameras

After much trial and error I think I’ve found the best monopod/tripod kit for 360 cameras. The Bushman Monopod Kit is especially designed to be used with consumer 360 cameras and I’ve been using their full kit for the past few months

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The full kit comes with an extendable monopod, two counter weights, a mini tripod and a…


  1. Do you have a discount code. I wan't you to receive the money for recommending this camera to me. Other creators have discount codes, since I watched your video first, I really want you to get the credit for recommending. Thanks

  2. I am having trouble finding the connector piece for my Manfrotto Element monopod and the Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod – any direction you can give me is most helpful !! Thanks!

  3. Funny enough I bought this after this video. So Here is my review. The tubes and tightening wheels for the extension feature are generic. Not their own at all. Honestly it’s the same as on ones you see on amazon and AliExpress. I regret not buying this part elsewhere. As it failed, came apart and the tubes separated and I can’t trust it at all now. Because it came apart I was able to see it’s all just glued together (which had failed in my case). It’s all just plane tubes with plastic and nylon bits and rubber. Nothing fancy. And can buy them form various Chinese makers on aliexpress.
    The exact same pieces. It’s not worth the high price. Now the weights are good there is a need for them make sure you get them but the legs are avg quality. not a overly great design they could of done better as the company set itself up as they seen the lack of good design for monopods. But they didn’t show a improvement themselves. no way to tilt just the two positions for the stand position and that’s it. It is their own made piece by the looks of it. not stiff at all as they loosen themselves completely with half dozen open/closes. Wish I had of bought the pole elsewhere for next to nothing and then bought the legs and weight and ground spike. Could of saved myself 200 euros honestly.

  4. A few issues I see, It's not made in the U.S. which I don't have a problem with, however if he sell it on Amazon, he might be more successful selling these things. Unfortunately I need something to arrive quickly, and his prices are in Euros, which means he's too far for me to purchase. I would love to purchase however.

  5. Yeah but no stick is worth 1/3 the cost of my camera. $300aud for the monopod and accessories… that's a joke.

  6. What do you do when the floor is not level? The monopod doesn't have a ball head it seems.

  7. Sorry, I don't understand English very well. Is the stick invisible? hold the weight of the z1 well? since it weighs more than the insta 360onex.
    Thank you!!

  8. Thanks for sharing , Agree 100 procent. Best buy. Expensive yes but worth every penny. I recommend direct buy the extra weight in this version . Taking photo in a windy place and one more extra weight make it even more stable and secure. V2 relase 2 august with this data The new Bushman Monopod v2 for 360 cameras.

    What is new :

    Pole now has 5 sections, so folds down to 39cm closed

    New 400g counterweight

    Larger tripod more stable, 2 positions.

    It is made of 5 sections of black anodize aluminium and extends to 154 cm, with a 1/4" male thread on the top. It comes with a screw on counterweight, that can be removed. In addition it comes with a new sturdier table tripod with adjustable legs for uneven surfaces. In addition the tripod has 2 possible positions.

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