The Best Apps for Travel 2018

What are the best apps for travel in 2018? In the vlog, I go through my favourite travel apps.
The travel app I use for accommodation:
I use apps a lot. I mean, I’m not sure what my travel life would be like without apps. The apps that I use in 2018 differ greatly to what I used years ago, and there are a lot of them.
Here’s the quick list of the apps for travel that I use in 2018: Waze, google maps, priority pass, netflix, uber, airbnb, XE, trover, snapseed,…


  1. Brendan, my wife and I suggest you drop the hats and just shave your head. It’s very manly and very trendy, especially with that beard you rock, your a handsome young man and your doing yourself a disservice wearing those caps backwards. Your biggest fans, Lou & Nanie

  2. Ive done the window-aisle thing before, the person was very happy.

  3. Hey Brendan, the next time you in the neighborhood, i'll invite you to the neighboring home-country Armenia. I'll be your guide and you'll have an amazing time there, we can even do photography tours. Just let me know. Peace 🙂

  4. Excellent vlog lots of useful information regarding apps, this vlog turned out to be more interesting than I thought it would be, great job!

  5. I love and appreciate what you do Brendan, but why XE? I thought you'd be using something like Revolut or a modern banking app like Monzo that just gets you the interbank rate. Even paying a smaller fee than a traditional bank with something like Transferwise would be a step up from exchanging money on arrival. I realise you need cash sometimes and cash may be necessary in Georgia, but I'm still a little surprised. When I started travelling, I couldn't have realistically done so without my Revolut card. Monzo is a good backup now I've switched my bank account to them. Regarding flights, I personally think Google Flights is better than Skyscanner. The latter has that very broad search, but Google's pricing data is far more likely to be current, in my experience. It used to be horrifically slow on mobile, but it's fine now. An app would be nice, but isn't necessary.

  6. With all these different countries that you visit, what do you do about currency? Do you use a travel card? We use Revolut it has been great for all the countries we have visited until we came to Iceland and tried to pay for fuel and it wouldn't work at the self serve fuel stations. Amazing channel always look forward to seeing your videos👍.

  7. Loved seeing those apps, I'll need to get a couple of those you mentioned such as Snapseed and DroneMate cheers 🙂

  8. Liking Alajode's backpack, how many litres is that holding?

  9. So awesome you are in Georgia! One of my favorite countries! I hope you go to Svaneti. I didn’t go there when I was in Georgia last year and now I regret it! Haha Well, have to go back to Georgia someday! 🙂

  10. Thanks for the video! I'll have to look into some of these apps. Uber has been very useful with some of my previous trips like to San Francisco, Denver, and Croatia.

  11. Really looking forward to your time in Georgia. Snellie??? I have always seen her a Nellie.

  12. Wow you use a lot of apps. Just wanted to add that here maps is free gps offline that you can download countries for offline use.

    Also skyscanner was my first to go but I use momondo these days because there has been more and cheaper flights that skyscanner didn't find….

  13. 02:51 it literally like all women have a magnetic pull towards makeup .. tbh the same thing happens to me when I see beer.

  14. Great tips on the travel apps, I use offline maps from google all the time!! Looking forward to see what Georgia has to offer!!!

  15. One of the most informative videos you've had. Have you tried Yr for weather? Norwegian app that covers the world. Thomas Heaton said a while ago that he uses it.

  16. Yesterday's Q&A should be a regular, including the race against the “battery clock”🤣. Hope you have an England hat on standby for tonight !

  17. Great video! Super helpful. Question…where do you find the best place for currency exchange and getting local money?

  18. Our youngest son writes for Netflix series – ever heard of A Series of Unfortunate Events or The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

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