The BEST Apps for Couples

On our very first episode of SOME NEW APP, or as we like to call it, SNAPP, our hosts try our some apps for couples! Are they worth downloading?

Apps Featured on the Episode:




  1. Is “couple” only on Android or is it on iPhone as well because I can’t find it in the play store.

  2. Entertaining hosts and fun to watch. But PLEASE get some sound insulating material to cover some of the walls to reduce the echo and sharp sound. It's quite hard on the ears! I miss SG a lot.. Exchange student 2018 at NTU <3

  3. Actually couple app also allows you to see your couple location for 30mins, however you got to ask your partner to initiate the location thingy. So your video is actually not very informative since, you guys only give it a quick try and didnt really explore the app. And the stickers you buy actually is for both parties.

    The other app that you guys missed out is Between. They have really cute stickers and very expressive. However, on iPhone the stickers are paid for an individual and android can be for both parties. If you're not into paying, they have quite an variety of stickers available for free which is more than enough for some.

  4. is it just me or Nicole looks slightly like Kim Chungha 😍

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