The BEST Android Phones – Jan 2019

Where to buy the best of the best in Android:

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  1. I’m switching to android because Apple is just full on brain dead now ( no headphone jack?!?! )

  2. Android phones re pieces of shit, system updste, system optimizing…fk android its the worst goddamn product i ever bought. I truly have not hated a product morenthan the assholes who made this piece of shit phone and honest to god i hope this company plummets into the ground worse than Myspace and AOL. if i hax cash id pay ppl not to buy thisnl garbage phone

  3. I have a note nine and I have been with Samsung scince Samsung had the first galexy. Love samsung. 😎😁

  4. They invest what they don’t use on the camera into not breaking when you sit on the phone.

  5. I have a note 9 and it's a beast in every sense of the word. The screen size and clarity can't be beat. I would say that the front camera is the only thing lacking in quality.

  6. Best overall? Pixel 3/3XL? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Buggy, crap build quality, no jack, no micro sd, piss-poor ram, ugly notch on the XL model. Yeah right!

  7. I have a note 5. I have had it for a year now. It has a nano sim card which I can use in any unlocked phone. I get free WiFi, I never have to worry about data because it is free. My monthly bill is 0. I am going to upgrade, or get a stock Android so I don't get all the useless bloatware. I have made calls to Japan, Norway, Hawaii, I can call anywhere no problems what so ever

  8. yes yes yes the camera shop is always open for self righteous idiots. Me, im trying to call someone

  9. I got my oneplus 6t a month back and its an amazing experience with the fraction of the cost of some of the other flagship devices….

  10. I am here cox my waterproof S8 died after I accidentally dropped it 1 feet deep water. maybe 1 feet is 6m for Samsung… know I miss my Nek sex I mean Nexus 6 I used it for almost 6 years

  11. Hey I have a question. So I'm new to android phones, so I want to know, can I insert an sd card and install apps onto it?

  12. I really like one plus 6t.
    Because design, software,camera are very useful feature in low price.

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