The Best Affordable Phones of 2020!

The Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 12 and OnePlus 8 Pro will be great phones but they’re going to be expensive and with cheap phones becoming so good there’s little reason to spend so much money on a more expensive one. Here are a bunch I’m really excited about! Watch for the full review.

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  1. 100% agree with you. There are so many phones out there at a lower price and can perform much better than the newly released phones

  2. 500 is affordable, it's the new norm, so funny, this used to be the high end price a few years ago. Maybe in 2022 a 1000$ smartphone will be an affordable one.


  4. Great reviews! I am actually not into gaming. I am looking for an all around mid range reliable phone with technology that can last for say two to three years. What would be your professional recommendation?

  5. For anyone thinking what phone to buy next I'd like to point out a few things, Motorolas phones feel like a flagship when you put them in your hand for the first time and last about 3 months before they start failing completely because Motorola refuses to update their drivers even once. Amazons rating system is living proof of this as any phone such as the g5, g6, and g7 were at 85% 5 stars the first 3 months of launch and just go to absolute crap as soon as there is an os update. Xiaomi on the other hand offers some nice hardware for the price but their software compatibility is archaic at best. You'd be lucky to have half your apps work correctly with a phone such as the redmi note or poco phone. The pixel is very good on software compatibility but lacks in the hardware department for the price. My pick from this list would be the oneplus 8 lite and am hoping that I will not be disappointed once it is released.

  6. A lot of people, myself included, don't consider phones over $200 to be very affordable. That's a lot of scrimping & saving. How about doing a video similar to this but on the best phones in the $100-$200 range & maybe even a video on the best phones under $100? That would give people in different situations a pretty good overview of what they have to choose from.

  7. My Oneplus 7T got stolen, considering tot buy a new phone, Oneplus 7T still seems to be the best option.

  8. You call $500 phone an affordable phone? You are something else! I though you were going to talk about $120 -$150 affordable phones, $500 phone is high end phone and is not a budget phone, you can pick up $500 Samsung galaxy s9 for $500 at micro center and $350 at ebay all new and gsm unlocked! What $500 budget phone you are taking about $500 is not budget phone it's expensive phone,

  9. It's sad. $1300 is the upper range now. $500 mid range. $200 budget. Fuck them all, stick to Craigslist and eBay buy a 2 year old flagship for a $200 budget price.

  10. Not a single android phone without the ugly display cut-out. What the hell is wrong with the industry.

  11. iPhone 11 Pro the best phone in the world 😍 👍 but S20 grey so beautiful phone
    I m so excited for Google pixel new phone this year 👍😍

  12. The OnePlus 8 lite is my next phone. My hopes: Snapdragon 845, 6gb ram, 256 gb storage and a jack for 399€

  13. 2020 Mid-Range Wishlist:
    1. Flat screen (pls no more curved ones)
    2. SD 730 or faster
    3. <190g weight
    4. Decent camera
    5. Under screen fingerprint reader

    Everything else is kinda pointless in the price segment.

  14. 1:03 you're wrong there, the realme X2 pro without discount is below $500 and has a 90Hz display

  15. I cant get myself to consider china phones as im afraid the chinese goverment may be spying on me and coronavirus.

  16. Best price range for phones that perform almost as well as +$500 phones are $200-$300. Stopped watching as soon as you said $500.

  17. You gotta check out Samsung A71 just released february 2020. Arond $350 and great camera and big battery and snapdragon 730.

  18. I got a 128gig pixel 4xl for a little over 500 so no new phone for me I'm good

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