The Beginner's Guide to GarageBand for iPad – UPDATED Tutorial

Learn the basics (and more) of using the newly UPDATED GarageBand for iPad to create your own music, pocasts, and other audio programs on the iPad. In mid-January 2017 Apple updated the GarageBand for iPad app and this tutorial will show you how to get started using it. ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:


  1. If you’re new to GarageBand (like me) this is a really excellent video, great job!

  2. my ipad is 9.3.5 and garageband is 2.1.1, garageband was free for me but i can't seem to be able to access live loops.

  3. Am I the only person who clicked the plus button which took me to an ‘import song’ menu that you can’t get out of?

    It hasn’t frozen, but there is simply no button to navigate back to the main menu.

    This seems like the most basic design flaw of any app I’ve witnessed in my life.

  4. SOMEONE PLEASE: I record music onto my iMac at home but can't record vocals cuz my roommates are always around. So I want to buy an iPad, somehow open the tracks on there, & record vocals at my friend's house. >>> Is that possible? Do iPads use the same full version of Garageband as a computer? (in this video, Garageband does not look the same as the version I use on my Mac)

  5. I love how you circle what you’re talking about it the video… what did you use to do that?

  6. Im triying yo change the velocity of mi midi keyboard but the option of velocity doesnt appear, can you tell me what i need to do ?

  7. Can definitely tell you are a teacher. And a good one. I am 69 years old with my first iPad and can actually use this app now for my students. Thank you.

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