The Banned Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Best Phone You Shouldn't Buy!

The Mate 30 Pro is the best phone I’d never recommend.

The Huawei Ban Explained:

Installing Google services on Mate 30 Pro:

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  1. I thought the reason why this phone should not be bought is because the screen is cracked on the thumbnail.

  2. Supporting huawei is supporting CCP. All big companies in China need to have ties with the CCP in order to make it big. There is no such thing as a true private company in China. These companies mandatory by the Chinese law has to have a CCP member to monitor their operation.

  3. Yo, you could put a Google Pixel Rom onto it if your into that. But it's in that need to know what your doing territory like you said before.

  4. Is this problem specific to certain phones? I just picked up a p30 lite and it came with full google services

  5. My friends have Huaweis and we use their phones to control the AC in our classroom 😂

  6. After I sow the p40 , and I pulled trigger for mate30 pro. Shipped. Waiting the my mate 30 pro now.

  7. MKBHD have fairly low standard, it's 2020, huawei once again got caught using DSLR advertise their camera, how many times they have to lie, MKBHD will say enough is enough?

  8. Your review is like fucking information..
    We all know that Huawei is world no 1 smart phone..
    interms of cost and technology.

  9. I feel you’re kind of a shmuck, using an angle to get attention by having anything to do with this company. The US banned them for very good, legitimate reasons. They harmed companies by stealing intellectual property, and they hurt the US. They are about to harm millions of people very soon. Their own top part of the company don’t use their own phones because the ability for the company to tap your phone is built in. That’s the only reason a CEO wouldn’t use their own company’s phone. You’re a low life.

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