Test Game iPhone 7 Plus PUBG Mobile! HDR And Ultra Test!

3gb ram
128gb memory
Apple A10 fusion chip 16nm (nanometer) (Sorry for mistake in video it’s a10 fusion not bionic)
1920x1080p screen resolution with 5.5″ inch retina display!

smooth+ultra= 0:00
Hdr + High. = 7:23

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  1. bro i have low budget and I'm confused between iphone 7 PLUS and iphone 8 ( not plus )
    so I'm thinking about ip7+ so should i get it or not ?

  2. All Game Tester do same thing scroll the Screen fast then tell au ita not Lag ..

    It does not work like that but rather scroll slow for U to know if its lag or not ..

  3. Crap review get your facts right goof!! It’s not 2 gb ram ! It’s a 3 gb with the 7 plus …… and a A10 fusion chip …..

  4. I have jailbroken iPhone 7 Plus, it runs HDR and extreme FPS (like iPhone XS). No lags, smooth 60 FPS. It’s just marketing, A10 is capable to run any game in max settings 60 FPS, the same with Asphalt 9, it runs 60 fps perfectly

  5. I wish I could have atleast iphone 6 i have skills but my fps is 15 and so much Lag i wanted to make Pubg mobile gameplay videos but i can't in close range my device get stuck

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