Terraria Beginner's Tutorial – Part 1 (Switch, Mobile, PC, PS4, XBox)

Terraria Beginner’s Tutorial – Part 1 (Switch, Mobile, PC, PS4, XBox)

New to Terraria? This guide will walk you through the beginning part of Terraria, with guides, tips, and general advice on what to do as you find your feet in the game.

Part 1 covers the first day and into the first night.

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  1. 1 tip for terraria:
    Download terraria from
    “iosgods appstore”
    Bam! You cant die anymore and its free!!

  2. I'm great at this game but my friend is pretty bad. I often find myself having trouble teaching him

  3. i played minecraft for 6 years, and when i first got the game, i thought it you started off with wood. But when i got a copper tool instead of wood i was confused as hell

  4. Who else lets zombies in your house on the first day of terraria because you are too bored to wait for daytime?

  5. I like that you actually show the steps and don't just cut to a completely finished insane castle or something. Great video, going to watch the other ones for sure!

  6. I am a beginner!
    How do you get in my inventory, how do I move, how do I jump ,how do I use the stuff and how do I switch between items!!!!!!!!
    this is just you playing terraria not showing how to kill the moon lord thing

  7. Am i the only one who started right up with good loot and i just started my world

  8. I got lucky my first start I found 8 diamonds so I was able to make a staff that ended with a good roll plus I hinted for stars for mana. Magic is effective and easy to use with benefits

  9. when i start off i immediately go to the left and go to the ocean to get the chest in the ocean i kill the jellyfish so i get glowsticks so i can see where im going in the water and than i have a good weapon and i start mining or exploring and than i build a base

  10. I thought I can be good at the newer version of Terraria because I played 1.2 on the phone I was very very wrong I got torn apart by the King slime!

  11. Just downloaded this on Steam tonight and was immediately lost. I have 5 years in Minecraft and thought that would help. Nope. This does though, thanks.

  12. When I 1st played I used copper tools including the copper sword for like a month literally cuz I didn't know how to get other items and I tried to look for diamonds of the start cuz to get a diamond sword. Like if it were Minecraft.

  13. I'm definitely a beginner and I have no idea wut I'm supposed to do my friend is trying to get me into this game it seems cool and all but idk I just downloaded it today any useful tips is appreciated

  14. Why am I so in love with the old school 2D vibe of terraria

    It gives me flashbacks on going in to arcade and playing some Tretris or stuff really love your series!

  15. I really enjoy this guy. Unlike most Youtubers he isn't screaming in your face with extreme overreacting. There is real speaking and no acting. Thank you for this tutorial.

  16. For the new players, in Terraria there are 4 official classes and they are


    These are 4 the classes, they all lived in peace, until the Thrower class attacked-..

  17. I just want to know, is the wood floor required? Because I have the table, chair, and light source and my NPC won’t move in

  18. Any old players who forgot how to play watching this before the new update ? No just me

  19. Omg because of the virus I’ve been getting into this game and I had no clue how to play you are such a big help thank you so much

  20. Just a tip, less game audio and more voice audio. You're barely audible

  21. This guy is actually really good I'm brand new to it and the game doesnt tell you crap, got it on sale for like 7 dollars. Then you watch these guys on youtube and they either say "oh yeah just go collect this like you immediately know where to look and where they are" or my favorite the "oh yeah you need to be in hard mode with three bosses to get this" and your like then why does your video say beginner? And you have to look up the terms they use on google talking about hard mode, eye of sauron or kathulu or whatever. And the game is so generous is not telling you any of this at all. I saw a guy playing later on and I was like this cant be the same game I'm playing now. This is the first guy I found that actually shows you how to play and around where you would look to find this stuff.

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