Team Elite Cheats (Asphalt 9 Legends) (Windows)

Briefly summarize what I report in my video.
I was referred to by some of my friends, that the Elite Team (Windows) in A9, cheats!
There is no need for proof. Just look at the levels of the players of that team.
Who plays honestly in A9, knows very well that playing honestly, it is impossible to have those levels of reputation.
Only stupid or a corrupt person can deny it.
The really vergonosa thing is that GL has created a custom logo for that team. In this way GL supports a team that…


  1. Mine is not a direct attack on Team Elite (nothing personal). In Windows all in the Top 20/25 (Club) use automation / bots software. The problem is that GL has created a custom Logo for Team Elite. In this way GL has given confidence to Team Elite, but within it this Team has players who use software that GL explicitly prohibits in its regulation.
    I understand the reaction of the Elite members, I understand them. Unfortunately on Windows the situation is this. Whoever denies it is a stupid or a corrupt person. The honest members of the elite team should get angry with their peers who have kept them unaware of this shortcut. In any case the Elite Team is using third party software that GL prohibits.
    Even Lance Armstrong was declared the strongest cyclist ever … you saw how it ended (I recommend seeing the film).
    Everything I have reported in the past has always been true. I always repeat.
    I do not care about Team Elite or other Teams, I do all of this because there are people who spend real money and waste their time playing this game, sacrificing study, affection and free time.
    I think GL has been made fun of by players who work with them. If they have turned a blind eye, then the situation would be very very very serious.

  2. i play for 5 months and i rake up lvl 76 with my 64 cars.. it is all determination and no cheating.. so stop your bias behaviour and face us on the tracks!

  3. Hi, I'm KpS I'm Am Member Of Balkan I Should Explain You That Elite Team Never Cheats On MP And Neither Slipstream If any Elite Team Use Cheats They Will Kick Them out If Anyone Use Bot Cheats That Means That You Are Racing Normal A.I Just Like Carrer

    The Elite Team Works Hard To Get Members To Work Together Players Work Hard To Get Elite Team Working Hard More Stress Right? Don't Complain That Elite Team Uses Hacks And GL Make Official Logo Because They Work Hard.

    Do You Have Any Proof That Elite Team Uses Hacks? On MP And Neither Slipstream? Or Is Only Your Imagenasion? You Will Get Many Dislikes If Faking You Like This And You Will Get Banned From YouTube And A9

    Players Work Reps For Some Hours And Hours getting To Be A Legend Trying Their Best Trying Their Hard Work You Know How Tired And Stress That Is? You Just Jelouse Of The Elite Team Because Working Hard And You Wanted Them To Stop And Get Banned?

    Please Delete This Video And Stop Faking I Got Banned For 5 Days For Nothing And You Wanted That Happend To The Elite Team?

    Please Stop Faking It
    And Please Read This And DM Me Back

    Thank You! And Good Luck!


  4. Bro, you're right. Elite Team has this hacker called PausedRebel. He has acceleration hack and infinite Shockwave.

  5. Although you wrote on your video that you won't reply the comments, my question is are you back? I don't play A9 so have no idea about it. Please come back with A8 if possible. Thank you

  6. didn't you hate on A9 before it was released , trying to save A8 and all , now you're ranting on people who are in a9 , fucking hypocrite , i'm unsubbing

  7. I'm just saying, the elite team does not cheat. There is a rep farming race in A9 just like how you would farm credits in A8. You also get a lot of rep from playing Mp that is where you get the most rep 🙂

  8. Chapter 5 : season AMERICAN AUTOS…. per race you get around 47-53 rep if you are lucky so playing that season continuously is a habit for TOP clubs….. if you think they are cheats…. then You haven’t seen MAD PLAYERS OF SR and BUGATTI club on IOS they lead the LEADERBOARD.. how?? By rep farming…. and when you farm rep for your club your reputation level goes up in no time…. they all are legit…. whoever reported this to you is such a hater only hater can claim such crap about The best teams…. ☝️
    So there isn’t any cheat but this is called rep farming.

  9. Bro that club has awesome players earning 100k + reputations per players. Elite korben one of the best players 🙂

  10. I'm on Android and I'm from decent club, not from top clubs like elite, fury, etc…Since I'm racing in MP with elite team, they're skillful and fair play against others

    What I 'm seeing this video, u are just judging like an idiot kiddo and jealous to them…I know u want to join top club didn't u?? Damon kiddo 😂🤣

  11. Why did you say that you want the whole team ban for life if in the description you said 10 out of 20 cheat?

  12. My dude, I know a guy whos already level 90 in rep, he just farms races a lot, its definitely possible.

  13. I have something to report …

    I am a current member of the Elite Team

    And I'm witnessing that along with my teammates the only thing I've seen is skills, in case you do not know it to achieve reputation you only need to play a few hours a day Mp and if you want to farm Rp you can also use Race 16 of American Autos, in only 2 hours you can do 5k points, if you play 4 hours a day plus one of Mp you can achieve almost 6k or 7k reputation points if you are of low level like me, which is 44 …

    If you are at level more than 70 you can easily do 20k or 30k per day playing Mp, besides, we are neither the first team nor the most points … But if a team with a great history, with great players and with great skills, but if for you that is illegal I think you should let spread that information with someone who believes that simply by making a certain amount of points or achieving as many tops in Mp and events as a hack …

    And come on bro… I only play one hour per Day and have 44 lvl Rep…

    First inform yourself well, then judge.

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