This is the Optium Neo, the latest blood glucose monitoring device from Abbott Diabetes Care. The Optium Neo provides a real wealth of tools to help keep your diabetes under control. These include: • A touchscreen • Takes blood glucose and blood ketone results • Insulin dose logging • HighlightsContinue Reading

Over 15 years in the making, the world of improvisational rap, is explosively explored in this award wining and critically acclaimed authentic look into the life, music and history of 1990’s underground hip hop culture!

I hope you enjoy this short video. This is one of the requested videos. Like i said at the beginning, FSL sensors can only be extended to the maximum of 15 days. Additionally, this method could stop working at any point. ( i will probably delete this video if thatContinue Reading

These very easy tips and hacks help me on everyday basic and they allow me to use Libre to its maximum potential. 0:28 1. Double press Home button when turning off Freestyle Libre reader to save battery 1:15 2. Freestyle Libre reader has a ketone meter and blood meter build-in.Continue Reading