Learn how to find and filter your files in this Microsoft Teams tutorial. In Teams select “Files” on the left menu bar to access your documents and files. To view your most recently created or edited documents, select “Recent”. If you would like to view your most recently downloaded filesContinue Reading

This video shows how to open the phone dialer and enter *#06#* to display the IMEI number. For Wi-Fi® tablets, select your Xperia™ tablet on the Sony Mobile support site and search for “Identification number”. The information is available in the User guide. Looking for more information? Find your productContinue Reading

Solution for Safari can’t open the page or can’t find the server, can’t verify server identity. Very simple solution subscribe for more. How To Super Clean Your Mac Manually Delete “Other” Free up Space and Speed up Mac This video was helpful for you?, support this channel by buying NumberZContinue Reading