Topic 1: Shooting an Arrow Adding relative force, variable manipulation from other scripts, enabling and disabling scripts. Topic 2: Arcing an Arrow Using Trig Finding an angle of elevation with trig, rotating object based on velocity, Topic 3: Embedding Arrow Upon Collision OnTriggerEnter, Manipulation of Rigidbodies As always check usContinue Reading

A tutorial for Google Docs for iOS! Find out how to use Google Docs in this help video. Support Bit By Byte and follow: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: VIDEO CONTENTS: 0:00-0:37 Intro 0:37-0:54 Adding/Switching Accounts 0:54-2:30 Accessing Starred Files and Folders (Favourites)/Shared Files/Offline Files App Settings: Recent Files Offline, Default Apps,Continue Reading

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How to make a mask in CyberLink PowerDirector 17 & PowerDirector 365. This mask designer tutorial shows you how to remove objects, sections, or parts of images and replace them with other images, videos, or objects using CyberLink PowerDirector 17. ————————————– PowerDirector 17 (No Subscription) ➜ (Affiliate Link) PowerDirector 17Continue Reading

In this Mortal Kombat 11 tip I cover my controller settings and explain all of the options and what they do. This MK11 tips is vitally important and often overlooked. Your controller settings are imperative in order to execute properly. ✦GLEEZ GEAR!! MK11 Beginner’s Guide: πŸ‘πŸ» DON’T FORGET TO RATEContinue Reading