Synology DS File App for Android and iOS

DS file is ideal to manage files stored on your DiskStation, upload or download between the NAS and the Android device, or do basic editing tasks.

And always securely with HTTPS support. Besides file management, DS file is also a useful tool to do anything from browsing pictures, watching videos or checking work documents when you are on the go.

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  1. This is not the iPhone app you are using. Shot on a android device. Video title is inaccurate.

  2. Tried it and it is nice, I added it in my main screen, the problem im having is that the login info is always on, any one can open and access my files. There must be a way to clear the login data to always ask for login info? Appreciate

  3. Your videos are great. I referenced your videos when choosing my NAS, Plex, etc. You pretty much influenced all my choices. I'm still learning as this is new to me. Just wanted to say that it would be great to have videos troubleshooting issues with the Synology apps. DS File has alot of issues as you can read from forums. No real support from Synology to help solve these issues. Wish I understood better your explanation of user friendly apps for different NAS devices. I may have chosen something different as a beginner.

  4. Hi there, wanted to know if there is a video playing app that can help me go to the next video without having to close the current video. I have tonnes of music videos but everytime I want to skip a certain video, I need to close the current video, browse through the list and then click on the next video. The next button within the video player (I've used mobo player, mx player) on android does not work

  5. Can this app access the NAS from anywhere? I’m not able to access my synology NAS via mobile app on iOS outside of my home WiFi.

  6. Hello! thank you for your videos. I have a little question regarding DSFile. when you're browsing your files, can you see the thumbnails for the videos? I always see a "play icon" instead a thumbnail like photos. I'm worried about that because I never know what video I need to click. Thank you!

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