Sync your BMW with your Smartphone via Bluetooth

Learn how to connect your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc) with your BMW.

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  1. So I did this and when I ouch the call on the steering wheel and say call this person it doesnt do anything it just says please a co.mand or what ever and when I say phone it says no phone book…

  2. I like your instruction very much. Now I will try on my BMW 330d 2010. I hope that my car is not too old. Thanks.

  3. How do you reset to factory settings? Someone sold me one but then didn't tell me how to change the password so it always keeps me locked out on the Bluetooth

  4. why did i find this in a playlist of the next big thing's spell book stuff??

  5. For everyone complaining that they have the buttons but can't see bluetooth options – It's because your car was not optioned with Bluetooth. The original buyer of the car either cheaped-out or wasn't even aware it was an option when ticking the options boxes. And for a simple add-on like Bluetooth they're not going to swap-out all the buttons. They leave them there as a permanent reminder that you should have worked that little bit harder to afford it. Harsh.

  6. some models don't have a Bluetooth option, on my 2007 model.. poor show. BT should be mandatory in any car. to hell with AUX cables

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