Sync photos, files, and more on the Surface Go

Keep everything up-to-date. Surface Go syncs with your other devices, including iPhone and Android. Learn more at:

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  1. make type cover go WITH Surface Go. There is no any andavtages to buying it with 399$ price. Make it in one box.

  2. With all the respect microsoft all the surface range is a fallacy:

    1. It does not have a 120ghz screen which helps a lot when you work.

    2. It does not have nvidia gpu and for such a high price it should …

    3. the surface pen is a mediocrity for professional illustration.

    4. the frames of the screen should be considerably reduced.

    5. the tablet mode is a disaster is not well applied.

    ■ the iPad pro 2nd is much better product although I only have ios

  3. There is two reason… They used an apple phone as android

    1. they didn't have a full permission from Apple to display their product on their advert becuase legally you can't use their phone as long if their logo is hidden and you not showing up any official apple application when it comes to film or adverts

    2. A lot of manufacturer phone copied Apple design, so Microsoft assumed we are fool not notice + Android is free open platform so is less a hassle to chase people to get a green light for third party to display their product on this video.

    Overall the move was silly :/

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