Sync Android to iTunes on Mac or PC

Do you wish you could sync your iTunes playlists to your Android smartphone? Now you can! In this simple tutorial video, tech expert David A. Cox shows you how to sync your Droid with iTunes

Software you’ll need:

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  1. It would appear that EasyPhones Tunes is no longer available on the Play Store. David can you show us new Android users who are transitioning from Apple an update to use Android with iTunes on the Mac?

  2. the internet web site and play store no longer has this program. — Please remove this video. thanks

  3. I want to know if there's a way to convert ITunes videos so that they can be read and played on a galaxy phone and kindle fire HD. I just wanna hook up my Micro SD cards and copy paste, but I know it's not that easy.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial. Do you know how to transfer iTunes playlist to an USB drive?

  5. Another very informative class David, THANK YOU very much.

    I too could not find the suggested app. in the GoogleP.S.. But, I did find the "iSyncer" app., and it has both a FREE and a PAID version. With it installed on my Samsung device, the app. prompted to send their mating web app. via Email to my MAC. It installed and ran just as Davids tutorial depicts. Syncing can be accomplished via USB connect or WiFi. (If using USB be sure the port you've connected into is NOT dedicated for charging only) I hope this helps anyone who wishes to accomplish the task at hand.

  6. I went to google and cound not find the easyphonetunes program. Could you tell me where it is now or does it have a different name? Thanks

  7. Does everything from your library get loaded onto your phone or just the selected songs like an iPod?

  8. Simple my ass. Fuck you. I'm returning this POS phone even though they fucking wont let me. Ill just shove this fuckin android up their ass.

  9. I can't find the app in the play store – it does not appear to be there anywhere. Suggestions on what to do?

  10. I can't find the easy phone tunes app on the Google store.  I can find the webpage on my computer, but no app named "Easy Phone Tunes" with the Green icon shows up when I search Google Play store.

  11. Apple should make a hybrid phone. Make a partner ship that automatically syncs the new iPhone android with macs, etc. And the phone runs android.

  12. I searched for over an hour on how to transfer songs to my LG G3 and none of them worked. Your video was easy and I was able to transfer my songs!!! Thank you!!!

  13. Thank you 🙂 I have an Android tablet and was wondering if/how I could do this 🙂 

  14. Gosh, it seems like such a pain to use android with iTunes.
    My iPhone syncs my playlists over wifi, etc. for free.

  15. I love the videos on Android. I'm getting my first Android phone soon and this is a big help. Keep making these types of videos.

  16. hi i would like to know if you can do a video tutorial for keeping sync calendars, contacts and notes between mac and android phone, it will be very helpful

  17. I Followed your instructions and everything worked out great. . Thanks a lot

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