Switching To Android? 4 Surprisingly Bad Reasons Google Gives iPhone Users

Android’s website lists 4 categories/reasons why I should switch…
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  1. I’m not against Android, but here’s the thing. I grew up on an iMac and the first iPod touch. My whole family has iPhones. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an Apple Watch. To switch to Android would be super inconvenient. I think it just comes down to which “ecosystem” you’ve invested in. I’m just too deep into Apple. And I’m not mad about it 🤷‍♀️

  2. I do like that the Google Play store will refund you for a purchased app if you delete that app within 24 hours of downloading. I REALLY wish Apple would adopt that policy.

  3. I like iOS allot it's just that Google had every app or service I need. They have a search engine, browser, better assistant, office suite, etc. I have to go back though, the wow factor went away faster when I bought my Pixel 2 vs when I bought an iPhone 6s.

  4. Would switch to Android if only they had iMessage. That’s the one reason Apple still has me trapped. Ugh

  5. I have been a android user and switched to a iPhone over a year ago, I hate every little bit about it! As soon as I can I am getting a android again

  6. I like Apple products….but the prices of their hardware is just getting ridiculous. For this reason alone I have been seriously contemplating switching to Android(that really nice Galaxy S10+). Only time will tell if Apple software will pull me back. Also, I'm done with smartwatches. I like time pieces, but not one that taps me about breathing, standing, or heartbeats, or other notifications that my phone already provides. Yes, I know you can turn this stuff off…but then it's just a normal watch, and I already have one of those. And it will be around for the next 10 Apple watches!

  7. youre right, google pay isnt THE fastest or THE simplest, and its definitely not the best… samsung is.

  8. Um, security is not something I would use in conjunction with Android. Takes months for Samsung and other Android companies to even squeeze a single security update, while Apple can pretty much have an update out in as little as a day. More apps in the Google Play store than the App Store, sure, but half the apps in Google Play are things that people would probably never use on a daily basis. Connectivity is another issue. Whether you wanna argue with it or not, more people seem to have iPhones, which have FaceTime. By extension, you will be able to connect with more people. And FaceTime extends to Macs and iPod Touches, while the best rival Android has is WhatsApp. Android is open source, but at what cost to your security? Viruses and bugs that make the device practically unusable after a few years. And to top it all off, lifespan, which ties in with updates. Here in NY, on the subway, at malls, at fast-food places and restaurants, you can still probably see someone with an iPhone 5S, a phone that's been out for 5 and a half years. It would be a hard task to find anyone today using a Galaxy S4, which has been out for roughly the same amount of time, give or take a few months. Any fanboys that are gonna get salty or butthurt reading this, just leave. I have used Android for close to 7 years now, and I'm switching to iPhone in a few weeks. I'm done with Android.

  9. Yes, Samsung’s new lineup is pretty impressive. Samsung may make the better smartphone and may dominate the smartphone industry but apple will always be in the competition. I mean if you think about it, samsung pretty much only exists on smartphones. In terms of other product categories, they try to exist but aren’t remembered. Its sad that most people don’t even know samsung makes tablets or watches, their value depreciates drastically and this is with every other manufacturer running android. To tell you the truth, apple may not dominate the smartphone industry BUT apple dominates every other company including samsung from their other products such as their tablets, laptops, desktops, watches, streaming tv boxes, services, support and most importantly ECOSYSTEM. When you buy an iPhone, your not just buying an iPhone but the whole ecosystem. Everything is interconnected and work together really well. Android doesn’t have that and seems incomplete for me. I used to be a lifelong android user (10 years) and just switched to the apple ecosystem with the iPhone XS Max. I have no regrets whatsoever and won’t be going back to android. Overall, this is my opinion and its a matter of personal preference, you choose what works best for you.

  10. The LG G7 ThinQ is way better than any of the options you listed. It's got a headphone jack that has 7.1 surround sound, with a quad DAC too. It's great speakers too. The haptic feedback is way better than it's Android counterparts. Also, the widescreen camera is awesome.

  11. Google Pay is NOT secure. Let me say this again, Google Pay is NOT secure. I’m a surgical resident and NEED a second device. I decided you know what, I’ll get an Android for the second device(future reference, I now have two iPhone XS Max’s). I tried to add my debit and credit card and my bank app was not allowing me to do it. I decided to go to my bank(where both my credit card and debit card are both from) and asked them flat out why and they said they’ve been asked this before however they won’t allow it until it’s secure enough for their customers and make sure they aren’t compromised. If you have an Android, don’t use this feature on your device.

  12. Im on iPhone because of iMessage and how smoothly the ecosystem works together. If google can make anything like the iPad then maybe. Because the slate is just trash.

  13. I’ve been using only iPhones for the past 7+ years and my XS Max will be my last iPhone ever. I do plan to buy an iPad but my next phone will definitely be an Android

  14. Both Android and IOS are excellent. I choose Android primarily because I can get more value buying an Android. If you wait for promotions, you get more for your money with an Android. Apple just refuses to compete on price whereas all the competing Android manufacturers really offer good deals! Also, Apple has yet to offer SD card memory options as most Androids do. With an Android, if I need more storage, I simply buy an inexpensive SD card and insert it into my phone. With an Apple phone I must trade it in for a new device! That makes no sense to me.

  15. The weird thing is that almost none of the features listed here seem to even be on the top 10 reasons why people prefer android. There aren't that many ground braking features on android but people love it because it doesn't have any stupid restrictions like IOS. The correct way to convince an iphone user to switch over would be to make a list of all the things that Apple doesn't let them do on their smartphones (which there are countless).

  16. but google is just better. that's the same way how apple works, right?

  17. That's hurt. Looks like you don't have any idea, what you are talking about. Although some of your points might be correct, adaptive brightness isn't the same as auto brightness. The new android pie adaptive brightness learns from your preferences how to change the brightness. That's a huge difference.

  18. Apples higher prices for cloud storage is one, SD cards is another, ability to connect to a computer very easily, good file management, split screen (I don't know if Apple now supports that), many apps for many media (they activate when they are needed), and that's about it.

    I have ancient devices (in the computer world, 20 years is ancient lol) that still work pretty well. I had the Galaxy s2. I have been using the Galaxy note 3 since the time it came out. I then got the note 7 until it was forcibly removed from my hands. I used the money to buy the very first pixel xl and I am using it right now. I have just been loving the android part of the world. I have been really enjoying YouTube premium.

    The only thing that I absolutely cannot stand is the big brother watching me. I keep shutting off all the telemetry that I can on this android 9. Assistant is always listening and throws ads my way. I am sick of the fake "DO WHAT YOU WANT" policy. The reccomendations are utterly not what I want see.

    But that is just it! I can choose what I want to do! I may get an apple device someday but my phone has to be personal. It has to be with me all day every day and do what I want ^^

  19. 26 May 2011 GOOGLE PAY 2014 APPLE PAY so with some correctness for everyone reading this APPLE PAY is GOOGLES Version of Google pay AND DON'T FORGET IT check your facts before saying Google copied Apple because Apple copied Google Pay!!

  20. Android let's meet save whatever I want on my phone. Also, I can modify my home screen any way I wish. You also think Android books or movies function like Apple's. Naive.

  21. The ecosystem is a myth – best value for me is my MacBook which use with my (stupid) Beats solo 3's (I'll get rid soon they're shocking) and my OnePlus 5T which I use with the Apple Airpods. I have no syncing issues, it all works seamlessly. Nobody needs an iPad or a tablet, they're just a fad for now until they can actually make a laptop replacement tablet (which Apple don't want to make yet because they're milking the idiots who think any iOS product could ever do what a full laptop could do or think that they need something in-between a phone or a tablet).

    Android is better in so more ways than any iOS product. iOS is just more popular because people are too lazy to check out what else is available and also it's fashionable.

    Why iOS is crap:
    Password issues – surely I can't be the only one who's had trouble maintaining iTunes? They make me choose stupid passwords that I can't remember.
    Won't turn on even after putting on charge – phone died? Need to make an urgent call? Tough. Plug it in and still wait for ages. This has never been an issue on Android.
    No file manager – I can't listen to my own audio or video files unless I piss about with their expensive iCloud or double storage of the media on my laptop.
    No torrenting ability – this is the main reason everyone should be on Android. No flash on iOS either.
    Cable lightning issues – the stupidest most rip off cable ever. Breaks easy, totally proprietary and Apple kill cables from other manufacturers with updates.
    They've never given SD storage and everyone else eventually copied. Stupidly expensive iOS storage upgrade – what's the cost of a 512gb iPhone now?
    Won't charge from a solar panel – this is only for geeks like me who go camping a lot. You need a very specific amp charge on iPhones which means your mate on his Android can get a solar charger for a few pennies but you'll need a solar panel kit with a second battery.
    Jailbreaking tiresome updates difficult
    Can't use otg cable or pen drive
    Stupid red update dots – you can't actually update or fix these issues without giving them money sometimes! How stupid! You can't get rid of them!!!
    iPhone Vs comparable android – the oneplus maybe means you're paying double money for the iPhone. So don't talk about them 'holding value'. They don't because they never had it.
    Breaks easy – almost all iPhones are broken – broken screen usually or someone forgot their password and bricked it.
    Expensive to fix when it is broken.
    Looks plain and boring once a cover is on it
    No haptic feedback when typing unless pay extra – this is a free feature on Android. (this has now apparently been updated since Apple upped the prices of their phones).
    People are given the illusion that they're trapped into an eco system… Really, Apple are just punishing you if you don't want to take their crap anymore. They won't share your data with you so you can't easily merge onto an Android, they also won't release iMessage for Android use. This is clever and is making them billions. While iPhone users just bend over and take it.

  22. I was an android user for about 3 years, but I got fed up of the glitches and bugs in android so I bought an used iPhone 6 for €145. It was a smoother and more responsive experience than I have ever had on android. The iPhone 6 wasn’t a long term solution but it definitely made me switch to iOS. One thing I still dislike though: the YouTube app on iOS is just so bad😫

  23. Kinda funny you have the guts to actually talk about security! Android fix bugs asap, Apple shuts down people genuinely trying to help them lol.
    You're just fishing for views. The only thing that the iPhone has going for it is its name and brand unity. But even then they shut you down about a year or 2 later so you can forcefully upgrade.
    Oh yeah, you compare through using, not googling it lol. Whoops, Googling! Do you apple?

  24. I am starting to question Androids security in the sense that I've been using iPhones all my life and I just switched to Android to give it a shot and I love Android alot and I'm finding it really hard to go back! But I noticed that not long after I switched I was getting notifications of my Instagram account being used in Russia and someone across the United States tried to log into my Google account but Bec I have 2 step it was blocked. None of this happened to me when I was on iPhone and recently began happening now. It could all be coincidence and I did recently sign myself up for more services so that could be it but it is kinda weird??

  25. So why you made this video 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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