Switch to iPhone from Android with the Move to iOS app

Apple has a new app for Android: Move to iOS. It does exactly what you might think it does: it moves you to iOS. Here’s how it works.



  1. The problem is not to switch over a brand new iPhone or iTab whatever, but to do it where the iPhone already has a username and password, while you need to transfer data from the android device, can you a video on that?

  2. Hey…..does the stored data on our phone remain the same even after copying on iPhone or iPad….or is it moved and not existing on our Android

    My problem is I want to have an ipad
    And so have an android phone
    So can I get the apps of my Android which are paid
    To ipad…without loosing data in my android phone

  3. Why? Why would anyone move from S7 Edge to Iphone 5s? (While moving data it missed all Songs and QHD Videos)

  4. I'm a little late, but does this also transfer your game data to the phone? And your micro-transactions?

  5. Nobody has said anything about memory or the amount of room on the iDevice. Also, are there options if you don't want to move everything over? I wouldn't want the 497mb of Android photos moved over.

  6. When should you move sim card form Android to iPhone? Before using move to iOS or after using it?

  7. One question, where do you put the sim card? Do you switch them when apple requires you to or when?

  8. This phone has a great camera, very nice/ clear screen>>>ur2.pl/1254 and the best battery life I’ve had on any iPhone. However, I can’t stand the Face ID 75% of the time it doesn’t work for me and after the first time of it not working it won’t show my notifications unless I lock the screen again and then attempt to unlock it a second time. I miss the finger print and it’s ease of use. Also, I dislike how on the lock screen you have to hold down the flashlight and camera for several seconds to get them to turn on. Other than these changes everything else seems to be the same.

  9. After the transfer if u erase your iPhone (to set it back to factory default)will all your data be lost forever? Or it would stay in your Android

  10. I'm planning to make the switch to iPhone 8 Plus from first gen Google Pixel, now the pixel I've had has had all sorts of screen/sound/microphone issues, basically it's just a texting device at this point. Will the Move To iOS app cause those problems to go over to the iPhone? I pray to God not, but I don't think it would since it seems those problems are more so strictly between Android 9 Pie/Pixel 1 hardware issues…

  11. Can you do it is you already have the iPhone setup…. I didn’t have my android with me when I got my iphone

  12. What if i’m already using the phone and just decided out of plan to copy just now the files

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