Switch From Android to an iPhone Using 'Move to iOS' [How-To]

How to Switch From Android to an iPhone Using ‘Move to iOS’
Full Tutorial:
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In this video, I’ll be showing you easy it is to ditch Android for an iPhone using ‘Move to iOS’ from Apple. Transfer all your precious data and content, making it a smooth and easy transition.

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  1. You can’t let your phone go into any other screen and this should’ve been told in the video so 👎🏾

  2. iPhone is one hell of a phone so get things on. But it succeeded. Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. what if im using an iphone 4?
    it doesnt show the "apps and data" page

  4. Hey there dude
    So here I have a problem that I have all my old what app chats on my android phone and I wanna put all that chats on iOS and use it. So can I do that ?.
    Pls feedback 😊

  5. how about If am not having an android device? but still have a recent android backup file. Can I restore my Android Backup file using iMac/Macbook?

  6. Will this only transfer the photos stored on my phone or will it move every photo I have backed up?

  7. How can I get a code if I already set up my ipad? pls. I need your answer quickly.

  8. does this also transfer videos from your camera roll from Android to iphone

  9. i didnt get the move from android on my iphone 5s setup and i download the move to ios app on my android phone

  10. I setup my iphone, And i dont know my iPhone code , So what should I do to move my data from android??

  11. I'm experiencing problems when I get to the "preparing…." stage of the transfer. My android HTC Desire 610 keeps saying "Your transfer was interrupted. Please close any apps or do not open any apps during the process" or something along those lines. The thing is I am not touching the phone at all and all the apps are closed!! Can someone please help…?

  12. how do go back to the set up. the sales person that activated my phone did not do it.

  13. is there a way i can transfer the google play music over? like the songs i bought on google play??!?!?!

  14. Hey I've already set up my iphone and now i have some data in iphone i dont want to delete.

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