SWGOH Beginners GUIDE | Tips & Tricks!

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  1. This is the best beginner guide I found. I was definitely putting resources into all the wrong things my first couple days. I came across this video a few days ago, and have my first three Phoenix characters. What a difference. Thanks, dude!

  2. A bit late to the party but just got the game and a bit confused not knowing what to focus on and what not. Really good tips and explanations and gave me a lot better understand on what to grind first and what to look at for later. Keep up the great work, man. Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this video. Just got back to SWGOH m still relatively new. Do you have a MOD video? I know most painful thing to understand in the entirety of this game.

  4. I'm really late to this video, but I just started today and I'm honestly really lost on a lot of stuff you've said in this video… I'm sure things will start to clear up as I progress in the story

  5. Great video, really straightforward and concise. I have been trying to read guides but everybody uses endgame terminology and that shit doesn't help new players. You, however, are very clear and avoid any esoteric terms, haha. Thanks for the helpful video!

  6. Can one not just play this game for fun, or did I make a mistake getting into this? I ask because every guide I read/watch says that you MUST do this, and you MUST do that, or you wont be competitive.. What if I dont care about being competitive and just want to have fun? Its honestly annoying as fuck when people say that in order to play a game you MUST do certain things.. Im sorry, but that is just bs, imo. I couldnt care less about being competitive. Im a Star Wars fan, so figured, hey, heres a star wars game, lets play it FOR FUN. Do people make money being competitive in this game? Or are all these people being really stupid and missing the point of a game?

  7. You get maxed Vader and Palpatine ?? That’s crazy I need to do more achievements

    Ps:thanks for the shorter video, there’s so many long ones out there.

  8. bro i seriously have a really good jedi team but
    1: no bounty hunters
    2: no phenox
    3: cant sim galactic war at 85 (i leveled up, yey.)
    4: only 4 7-stars
    5: cant do heroic AAT raids for kenobi shards
    6: rank 1500 average in arena (i run a bastilla.old ben team)
    7 im ass at this game

  9. I need help actually unlocking zetas i can't beat the Tarkin 5-star ship battle 🙁

  10. Agreed, we DEFINITELY need more fun stuff to do in the game!….more game modes etc.
    And we definitely should be able to use way more of our rosters for important stuff….like make our ENTIRE rosters be way more useful…….besides just the TB roster deploy lol

  11. Great video, thanks. However, I can't find any HSR guild (I have 1.8 M GPand many Legendaries, but when I join any good Guild, I get kicked in a few hours). What to do with this?

  12. Full Phoenix, Jedi, bounty hunters, darth revan… ships… "should last you 1-2 months." JEEZE i must really suck at this game or something lmao

  13. Find a good guild, I waited too long to find a fun easygoing group…I finally feel like I'm making headway..1 year later

  14. Thank you so much for your focus on early fleet farming. I chose to go after Geos instead, but am casually farming Phoenix ships as well. Biggs is next!

  15. Great roadmap. The High Ground channel turned me onto PHX early on and that has been a perfect stepping stone.

  16. I like to watch these kinds of videos just in case I forgot something.
    Nice quick and concise. Good job DM 👏

  17. On raid sl, can u do a video on different team comps for the different modes? I.e. arena league champion with speed. Lizard for dungeons, etc.

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