Street Food in Ghana – GIANT CHOP-BAR LUNCH and West African Food Tour in Accra!

This was an incredible day of street food in Ghana!
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Jay (Mukase Chic) is an amazing woman, so positive and talented, and so much fun to hang out with and eat with! She’s a food personality, a chef, a restauranteur, a blogger – she’s incredible. Check out her Instagram…


  1. Respect to this man, that’s why I keep asking to my niggas from America to visit Africa cuz once that they do they will have a different view from what they hear everyday 🇨🇲🇺🇸

  2. Children just be making friends. I wish life could always remain so simple.

  3. I love to see other cultures that's awesome! I need to purchase one of your shirts, so I can wear it to my mom's house lol. Mark, thank you for sharing your videos.

  4. Most of the foods shown are Hausa; gari, kwulikwuli, masa, zowey, puff puff, wakashi, suya, Burkina(nono – fulani milk drink) and the array of spices etc.. interesting. The Hausa people were the original merchants who travel from north to west african countries trading (gold, silver, camels, horses, cows, fabrics, spices etc..) and have settled and carried their culture all throughout west africa which is why west african countries have similar cultures, foods and style of clothing. It's so interesting to see Ghana in this light.

  5. I need to go back.. watching this gave me flashbacks🥰🥰 as a foreigner I felt more at home here than in America.

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