Straight Talk with Economist Li Daokui

International trade tensions over new US tariffs are a hot topic at China’s Two Sessions this year. That’s why Straight Talk, CGTN’s World Insight special series, caught up with CPPCC member, Li Daokui, who’s the director of the Center for China in the World Economy of Tsinghua University. He talked about trade tensions between China and the US, China’s reform and opening-up policy and his experience as a reformer.

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  1. 中国本土主持人的英文比李稻葵这个哈佛嘉宾流利多了,可见这个水货学者的真实水平

  2. Does anybody believe that America's unilateral and aggressive tariff initiatives are based on good intentions? Is there such a thing? I suggest China should not allow America to ride rough shod over its sovereignty. China's tariff response to America's unilateral tariff aggression has always been measured, restrained and proportional. If this is not the appropriate response, can somebody please suggest what is.

  3. The worse scenario for the US may be if China and the other countries unite in a common front. This would isolate the US from trade with the "rest of the world", while the common front redirect the trade within themselves.

  4. I heard the guy saying: surplus is decreasingly unimportant! hahahaha Chinese economist cannot even speak properly

  5. China will have to think carefully before any new reforms introduction on their impacts that will affect its own interests first and foremost. China must find out whether the other sides have antagonistic intentions or cooperative intentions over the recent tariffs initiatives. Its response must be swift and decisive to any manipulations.

  6. LOL in China today Reformers is new cultural revolution that Xi is intent to wipe out. When Xi and China finally understands that the world is changing and has always been in a changing state only then will China embrace Reforms as a neccessity rather than an evil word. Nokia is the best example. You don't change you get replaced. The problems of today is not the problems of tommorow. Its constantly changing so is tech, economy is always in a moving state.Solutions or approach of thousands of years ago simply won't work in today's complex world. You either reform or end up like Saudi Arabia and all the backward countries.

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