STOP the ridiculous Samsung ONE UI battery drain on your Galaxy Note 9 and S9

How to stop the Samsung ONE UI Battery Drain on your Note 9 and S9 – this is a common question and yet with a few simple settings, you can extend the life of your phone. Here is what you need to know about the Samsung One UI update and its battery drain and how to fix that on your Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy s10 when you eventually get it.

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  1. How is your battery on the ONE UI? Some say its awesome, others say it's terrible – what are you finding?

  2. I've tried everything and nothing works. Did everything you did and more. Even got the battery replaced by Samsung themselves about 2 months ago and still has the same issue. I charge it only when it's at 0% all the way to 100% with the official Samsung charger but I only get 2-3 hours screen on time. I tried countless factory rests and has made no difference.

  3. You know what I leave my Bluetooth on I don't need to worry about battery life because I have a good phone with a heavy duty battery the Samsung M30 5000 milli amp

  4. My p30 lite with 3000 mAh last 3 times as long than my samsung A51 with 4000 mAh. WTF

  5. What rubbish why do you need to restrict the phone? come up with real fix mate so are you telling me over 1000 pound phone need to restrict why before I update the phone was perfect until I update ,problem is not with the setting its something to do with the software.

  6. Just got Ond UI 2.0 A.10 on my S10 and the battery is just horrible..


  8. I have a different problem…my battery life hasn't changed that drastically, but when I'm down to 15% the battery lasts less than 10 minutes, even though the system says it is expected to last for like 2 hours in low energy mode. Anyone facing the same problem in a Note 9 ?

  9. So basically turn off everything on it on a very expensive phone wow how am I supposed to enjoy this now

  10. After the update my battery drained ludicrously fast! Restoring the phone to factory defaults (but regaining the One UI update that is) fixed it. Don't know why and It a lot of work setting it all up again, but it worked for me.
    Oh, and I tried all tips in this video, and more, to fix the One UI drain before the reset without any succes.

  11. Same here it so annoying planing to sell my s9 switch to old phone oppo f5 been using that phone for almost 3 years and the battery is still good all day use without draining.. and to think my f5 is just half the price of samsung s9.. this is so stupid samsung fix battery issue.. never buy samsung again ever

  12. Have u guys noticed the touch wont respond suddenly when u clear recent apps,
    when u want to end call(happens when u move away from proximity sensor)
    When you unlock your mobile directly with fingerprint when the screen is off.

  13. this video is 100% bs.
    I couldn't watch past 1:15. The guy says turn off BT and NFC while leaving GPS, WIFI AND 4G on ? Lol.

  14. This just started happening to me a week ago! I always have done these things so this does not help the problem. I'm pissed, my phone even drops like 20percent over night😡😡

  15. Nothing helped I think Samsung just Screwed the whole galaxy 9 line they just did

  16. Thank you helped me a lot. Battery life is good as it's have been before upgrade

  17. I assume these tips will help the battery even if the battery is fine

  18. Because of this, everyone's phones can't even last HALF a day!! Everyone take your portable charger or USB cable with you before you go out the door in the morning for school or work.

  19. It's stupid. I have the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, and since they've updated it to Android Pie and this Samsung thingy OS, I leave home with 100% and by lunch time, with light to moderate usage, it's down to 48%. I have to bring my charger or a USB portable power bank with me. When I charge my phone to 100% before bed, I wake up the next morning and after no use, it's reading 80%. Stupid operating software. Never had this issue when we had Android Oreo.

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