Stop Any Android App from Using Mobile Data

The vast majority of mobile phone plans out there these days don’t offer unlimited data. That means most of us have to keep tabs on how much we’re using each month.

Some apps thrive off a constant Internet connection — even when they’re seemingly not in use. Fortunately Android provides a way to prevent any app from sucking data in the background, and there are third-party apps out there that can take things to the next level.

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  1. Thank you. I realized recently my data is being used by messanger/fb? I dont understand how that can be when im home all the time and using wifi. I have heard that facebook and messanger have this issue. How do i stop this? I can try your recommendations on this video which i am sure will work but how is messanger using my data if im always home using wifi and everything else uses wifi perfectly. I never had this problem until recently. Thank you

  2. How to figure this out after watching one anime episode cost me over $17 in data πŸ™

  3. wait how to stop an app eating my data bc this app i delete data but if i log in it uses all my data my data is 14 mb left why!!!!

  4. Expensive phone but cannot do anything. That's why I'm switching to budget phone such as Xiaomi which is customisable. Every spec is the same but with lower price ~

  5. None of these are true. I turn my data slider off ALL the time, I never use the internet on my phone, and it continually just turns itself back on and costs me money. It drives me mental and no one knows how to turn it off.

  6. Guys I'm really in trouble. I made a mistake and WhatsApp isn't using data anymore. It doesn't download nor do anything. Help please.

  7. The easiest way to stop mobile data usage is to throw the smartphone/iphone in the trash and get yourself a normal phone. No more mobile data usage.

  8. So when is 'Mobile Data' being used , under what circumstances?
    What is 'mobile data' compared to what ?

    Asking for a friend…. πŸ™‚

  9. I think this helped me, not positive, never went through app usage and what
    runs in the background . My question would be ; why do they tell us to save
    on data usage by being connected to our wifi? I don't get the difference, I mean
    I'm not on satellite , so I would think that when I'm away from my connection
    I can't be using data, right,,, shrugs……
    I did turn off News Alerts though, I imagine that constant data usage will be
    stopped unless I turn it back on. I figure weather alerts are handy though, I
    got one the other day and it was quite helpful, plus I looked into the usage and
    it was really low compared to News Alerts.

  10. Come on, that net guard app should come as a standard feature. Huawei has this as standard since the Huawei P9

  11. TMobile offers unlimited data but I keep getting messages that I'm reaching my Data limit.

  12. Not worked for me I have YouTube package but still the network provider is cutting my balance on the usage of YouTube even when netguard is on
    Not happy

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