Step By Step Guide to PS4 Remote Play on PS TV

Everything you need to know to remote play to the newest member of the PlayStation family


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say your remote play streaming service when attempting to stream to a PC is trash.

  2. So when u’re gonna change a game u’ll have to go out or go downstairs to change it? 😂

  3. Or you can just move the fkn ps4 upstairs instead of wasting money on a pstv

  4. Is it possible to play the PSTV on PS4 if two users play different games at the same time?

  5. Garbage dont buy it. Reactions are too slow that it is impossible to play

  6. Wait a minute… who wouldn’t just walk up the stairs or down the stairs to go play the superior console?

  7. I don't have a skip button at the bottom right hand side?! How do I input the code???

  8. Will PS TV improve my PS4 online gaming experience? I get a lot of latency currently when playing online games.

  9. do you have to pair pstv to the ps4 initially or can you remote play automaticallly from the internet by logging into your PSN account, surely this should pick up the PS4 system regardless, please help??

  10. I have a PS4 they are the best thank you for the video now I can play dragon Quest builders on iPad

  11. Can someone please answer my question!
    I have my PSN USER signed into my PS4.
    But I have more than 1 accounts on my PS4, especially my brothers!
    So, can I be signed into my account on my PS4, while my brother is signed into his account on the PS TV?

  12. Why can't you use the same profile sign in to connect to playstation plus account to play on line

  13. Do you need Internet to play ps tv and is it a on the go system likethe vita

  14. Why do i need to do this remote play thing? it don't make any sense?? I can just play all the game i want on the ps4.
    this is just stupid

  15. Hopefully someone has an answer for me:
    Can you play two different things example my husband wants to play COD on the ps4 and let my son watch Netflix app in the other tv using ps tv?

  16. It's not great at all. I thought the remote play would be like the Vita but it's very poor

  17. You need to urgently work on the lag. It's impossible to play FIFA 15 or other games with this, even with hard cable connection

  18. I would absolutely keel over if i won this stuff, Yet again Sony shows Microsoft who the daddy is… 

  19. please answer me this – Can I play 2 accounts off the PSTV?….. one directly on the PS4 itself and open another account via the PSTV on another monitor (it's so my gf can play Destiny with me).
    – thanks

  20. Will we be able to remote play from away from home like with the vita os does this one have to be on the same network?

  21. Seems like a waste of time. You spend the time working on this pointless box but I still can't switch off the stupid light that drains my controller battery! This is for the players!!!

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