Start Hacking with Android using TERMUX | Basics to Advanced | Some Linux Commands explained | #TDT

This video is the where I tried to show and explained some of basic commands and given brief description about them.
Starting your hacking steps using android using android device by the Termux app.

App: Termux (131 KB)

[First video in the hacking playlist]

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  1. I dont understand the commands on how they work but its very good tutrial… all the details are been explained I wish i could this stuff cuz i little curious about

  2. Thanks for the videos man coz they help…… But I need a extra help please text me on whatsapp +27616829541

  3. the update and upgrade command is actually "apt update && apt upgrade"
    If you look at the screen after he runs his command, it throws an error
    make sure you put "apt" before both upgrade, and update
    just like this

    apt update && apt upgrade

  4. After using sudo command my android also get root
    Or only terminal get access to root

  5. Please reply me using terminal emulator since termux isnt compatible with my device… when i type apt update && upgrade it say file not found i tried all options not working

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