Splash Screen in The Right Way (Android Studio Tutorial)

The correct method for implementing a Splash Screen in Android. Splash Screen is used to display users something useful other than a white screen that appears while starting an application. But most of the time this is not what that happens instead, a timer is kept with a Layout and separate activity for splash screen is created. This actually excludes the actual purpose of Splash Screen. So in this Video, we would be looking to the correct way or the right way for implementing Splash…


  1. In the Manifest, why does .MainActivity have an intent-filter of action "MAIN" and category "DEFAULT"? I tried removing that intent-filter and the program still works normally, so why is it even there?

  2. Upvoted but would be good if you had a better mic and if you decrease the volume of the background music or simply not include it 🙂

  3. Awesome. It works! However, the image displayed too big in my case. Do you know how to make it fit to my screen?

  4. Hey man !
    Interesting video. Can you please tell me how do we add background image and color together for splash screen please.

  5. Very good video, it was very useful, your voice was a bit low but is easy to follow you by just watching what you are doing

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