SPIN ROYALE by Viker | Earn / Win Money App 2020 | Android / iOS Game Review Youtube YT Video

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I let’s play and review this game. You can download and play this Casino / Slot / Slots / Machine / Machines game Spin Royale Earn / Win Money App / Game 2020 by Viker for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios /…


  1. I keep winning but the money won’t register on top it won’t go past 8,40. I won about 20 brines but the money stays at $8.40

  2. Been playing game for months now. Today I won $45.00 then $5.00 and hit bank and the money dissapeared. Waste of time app

  3. No joke I just got the app and I’ve won 7000 pounds off the bat I wanna know IS THE MONEY REAL

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