Sony XAV-AX5000 – Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Sony just dropped their Sony XAV-AX5000!

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Sony XA-NV400 – Tom Tom

Sirius XM SXV300V1…


  1. Hey guys 2 question that hasn’t been asked, is there a way to play video on this unit at all, from the phone? is it possible to mirror link it?

  2. Hi I would like to purchase this but want to make sure I can hook up my phone screen to this to watch videos first, is this possible?

  3. Hi can you please tell me if it is possible to hook up one Android auto USB and one hdmi USB since it is dual USB? How would I do it

  4. Installed the head unit yesterday, really like it. But when i use the android auto, i always get the black screen. The apps doesnt show up. Is that normally?

  5. Hello, I really like this head unit and I noticed that does not work android auto wirelessly. What other units similar to this one do recommend? I want a wireless connection for android auto

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