Sony BRAVIA – All about Home Menu

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Sony’s android TV has “Home Menu”, which is simple and easy for anyone to use.
In this video, you can learn what you can do on the Home Menu and whole structure of it.

1. Please make sure to check supplied accessories for your model.
2. Please make sure your TV is connected to the…


  1. After update March 2020 my x8000g home menu dont look like this anymore.. New look very dull like mediocre tv os.. Will factory reset make it back?

  2. If the overpowering background music could be eliminated it would make the information a lot easier to follow.

  3. My sony tv remote model Bravia have stopped working, i already changed a new battery yet can't work… the on and off key is only working but others can't function. i took my remote to sony shop and i tasted it with another sony TV and all the keys are functioning perfectly. Please i would like to know what is the problem, anyone can help?

  4. My search field on my Sony 65'' Bravia smart TV use to work fine, now I can only enter numbers in the search area, the letter screen does not open up when I press enter anymore.

  5. When I click on TV button it is opening Google play movies , how can I Change it to open video input

  6. It doesn't show [Customize TV key] option up under (external inputs) list !!
    Please help, i need to program the TV key to HDMI2.. my tv model is: KD-43XF7596.

  7. It has two USB ports, but the only way to access is to unplug and replug in. Will not play a slideshow. My two Samsungs are infinately superior. Never buy Sony. Clearly designed by engineers with no user input. Waste of $1590

  8. How do I watch local TV channels like Fox News on an Android TV?

  9. How to open my USB HDD from the menu? It will only open when i reconnect it.

  10. I have a 2017 Bravia model, the OS in this TV is to slow, even for changing channels. I have a 2016 LG model, and the WebOS is way to better. Just Saying.

  11. nel modello appena perso (KDL-32WD735B) non sono presenti tutti questi comandi. Manca quello vocale di Google Now, il tasto google play, il browser internet e molte altre applicazioni. Eppure è un Sony Bravia.
    E' questione di aggiornamento o è proprio cosi??
    Però il fatto che manchino alcuni tasti nel telecomando mi fa pensare che non c'è nulla da fare.
    Resta comunque un ottimo Tv

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