SONY Android TV : Built In Program Guide

Life made easy with the #SonyBravia Built In Program Guide. With the Program Guide, watch the current running Programs and see what will come in future up till 1 week. Check it out :


  1. When i hit the guide button during watching tv, it changes the channel in the background to a default channel. How do i disable this? Can i choose the default channel? Or can you just keep ot on the same channel?

  2. Spam box this is the worst tv and product I have chance to get LG c8 and I got xf90 I'm not happy at all Google play its constantly on with some stupid trailer I don't want to watch its slow as well , forcing people to watch some trailers , SONY DO YOUR OWN OS ANDROID IS BAD FOR TV

  3. Looks great. I'm on my second sony android TV. It's all hooked up but the satellite channel guide is terrible. My old fergusson combo box is still better. You've to view the channel before you see info on it. It's a common problem but the sony sales man said it was being fixed in March 2019. It's still not working. When is this available in europe ? Is it not a simple fix ? Thank you

  4. Due to spectrum reallocation occurring in the US, many channels are keeping the same virtual channel number, but the underlying digital channel is changing, and some are changing both the logical and the digital location. The GraceNote guide on Sony Bravia TVs is not keeping up with these channel changes, and is keeping the info on the old logical and digital listing. So, I have a lot of blank line items on the Guide as they are not transferring the info to the new location. After making the initially making the mistake of re-programming the channels and having the info disappear, I now just add the new channels, so I have two line items for the relocated channels–one with the TV shows and movie listings Gracenote is still keeping with the old digital listing, and one blank one with the correct new digital location.

    This isn't so bad when the logical channel is the same so the blank listing is right under the listing with the info, but I have one channel that changed from channel 50 to channel 32, so have to keep going back and forth on the guide to find out what is on TV for that channel.

  5. Is there a way to disable this spam-infused permanent trailer video player? It's very obnoxious to force it loading when you press the analog to digital TV button. I wanted to change from Analog to Digital, not to random trailers.

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