Sony Android TV – Bottom Apps Menu & New Quick Settings Menu Guide (Samsung – LG Style)

Maybe you are an ex-Samsung or LG TV owner and now have a Sony Android TV, are you missing the bottom row app menu from Web OS or Tizen? Would you like to not always have to use the fullscreen Home menu found on Android TV? Well, this mini-tutorial shows that Sony Android TV’s have the very same menu, even from a few years back! This is a quick guide showing how you can access this menu and customise the features in the 2019/2020 range.

New Action Menu / Quick Settings was also added to…


  1. Plx i got one there is no picture just the sound what could be the problem and is the second time nw

  2. I didn't find 'Edit +' on footer menu after click top left-hand corner button on my x85G

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