SOLVED Can't Access Device Storage – USB Connect Android Phone to Mac

If you’re still having problems with connecting Android to a Mac, SyncMate is a paid solution that works every time. Here’s a link to SyncMate

The error message “Can’t access device storage, Make sure that your device is unlocked and ‘File Transfer’ or ‘MTP’ mode is selected” can be solved using the following steps (on most Android phones):

1. Go into your Android phone settings (gear icon).

2. Try “Storage and USB” but if you can’t find “MTP (Media Transfer…


  1. Did not work for my Note 8 … Media transfer option is not available. The available options are: 1- transfer files 2- transfer images 3- MIDI 4- Charge this phone 5- Charge connected device. when I click the 1st or 2nd options nothings pops up in my Mac…

  2. its fucking ridiculous that this is what needs to be done to connect my fucking phone to computer.   inexcusable.  never buying this shit again.     also – this didn't work.   but thanks for the info nonetheless

  3. I have followed your step by step and made it to toggle the USB configuration from MTP to charging. Quite ATF, and toggle back to MTP, then ATF opened, but keeps loading, nothing popped up. HElp. My phone is Samsung A5 2017 wants to connect to macbook air. Thanks

  4. THANK YOU I can now get my files onto my computer and upload my new vid. Can you also sub to me.

  5. You really gave me hope with this video, but unfortunately Android Transfer is still not working on my Mac 🙁 any further suggestions are welcome – thanks

  6. mine connects like this, but when I inside a few folders (mostly my pics and my music subfolders), it gives me the error again and exits. Any idea?

  7. I've tried this option, including USB debugging, MTP mode, toggled from developer options, and from the main notification bar of the connected USB options. Nothing is working, I've downloaded Smart Switch, downloaded and uninstalled Kies. It keeps coming up with the green android notice of "Try reconnecting or restarting device".

  8. Awesome!! Thanks a lot for this video. My phone just gave me the "insufficient memory" notification and I needed to clear out my internal storage, without this I would be able to access the things I want to remove.

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