Snapseed – Top 5 Tips & Tricks | Android | iPhone

Here’s the video about top 5 tips and tricks in Snapseed that everyone should know.

This covers
1. straightening with tilt option in Perspective tool
2. Using colors in Black & White tool
3. ‘Cleansing’ the image with Healing tool
4. Text shadows with Text tool
5. Cinematic cropping for Instagram with Expand tool

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  1. Thank you for this tips man! My photo editing skills just went up! Thanks for inspiring! 👊💯

  2. I just can't get the last tips. Maybe because I don't use Instagram. By the way, this is really an awesome vid. Keep it up man, very nice work!

  3. Guru… neen super guru. 👌❤. Really i didn't know that snapseed alli istella options idhe antha. Thank you so much.

  4. El vídeo me gustó pero la música es realmente muy molesta te repetitiva para la próxima quizás puedas tener este comentario en cuenta. Un saludo

  5. I tried it out with some images from my secure folder, and damn its really good

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