Snapseed Beginner Tutorial | Android and iPhone

This Snapseed beginner tutorial shows you exactly what you need to make your images and thumbnails look better and pop. If you’re a beginner at Snapseed and want to make your images, photos and thumbnails look the best they can, and do it all on your phone, this Snapseed editing tutorial was made for you. Snapseed is a free app available on Android and iPhone (all iOS) and the best photo editing app available. Enjoy!

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  1. I have a bunch of apps I never use because I’m overwhelmed. Thank you for your help. So far this video was the easiest for me to understand. I like your delivery. Thanks again.

  2. Very helpful tutorial. We met someone out walking yesterday and he suggested that we use it. Had never heard of Snapseed before.

  3. great loved the video as I need to make more content for my social media platforms and this will be a very handy tool…and I love indian food and perhaps that can be the focus of my online endeavour #snapseed

  4. Thanks for the vid. Can you do this for night photography? Like star trails, say there is an image in from you want to brighten? and you don't want haze? Also long exposure shots.. thanks so much

  5. I've used PicsArt for years because I like turning photos to art pieces so when I need to edit a photo I just use that app.

    Does Snapseed provide much difference in either options or UI for photos over PicsArt?

  6. i use pixarts but i am noticing some differences which makes this snapseed look easier for me. i will explore what i have a bit more. Thanks for your info

  7. I am attempting to take a simple image and double the image until there are two images? Is this possible?

  8. Hey dee. I just started and downloaded Snapseed. But I’m having a problem with thumbnails. How do I erase what the text say on your phone? Especially that double tap to erase text. Thank you

  9. Thanks for this just edited a photo of cat and now the photo pops there so much stuff in this for a free photo editor app a just need to figure out the rest a wish a new all about photography to take and make my photos look good

  10. I tried uploading a Nikon raw image file from my camera. Cannot load photo every time. Does it support raw image editing?

  11. hi, lve obly used Picmonkey, because that's what l started with, now lm an old,old girl, so simpler the better, but going to give it a go, what l really want is to have a water mark that l can just put on my pics ,instead of having to do every  time, l have a Huawei honor 8,which l love, and use more than computer,thank you,

  12. I've used SnapSeed for years to tune images. Recently I've been learning more about using the curves and selective functions. I'm also interested in composite imaging techniques.

  13. Wonderful video. I just found out about Snapseed yesterday and your tutorial was right on point 👌 Thanks bro👍

  14. After watching 5 other how to snapseed videos which were very annoying, to fast and no explanations. I found your video and I have to say it is by far the best. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This truly was a great video for a complete beginner like myself. You have a new subscriber.

  15. Hi John, thanks for the tutorial. I love this App. Just starting off in advanced photography, video editing etc. Any creative tips really appreciated. Cheers.

  16. I just subscribed to your channel….and I LOVE IT…..This is the first video which I watched and I want to learn more….

  17. 0:59 we r gonna tap on that and she is going to open up
    1:14 we are gonna tap on that
    1:25 this is the juice
    1:51 im going to press down
    2:08 im going to push down again and go to the warmth
    2:16 im going to play with this a little bit

    Quarantine makes u think weird

    (i gotta stop)

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