Snapchat for beginners | ALL THE BASICS & MORE!

This video shows you all the basics you will need to know if you are new to snapchat and MORE! Share this with your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts (basically any adult will need this) I know mine will! We will try to reply to any questions!

Music: Surfaces- Shine on Top


  1. Q: the sc video with the b-mojis dancing etc… how do you enable the feature? (The Animated Character Of Yourself)

  2. what i don't understand is the point on sending a snap of idk the wall and scribble on it then send that, what's the point on that how do you hold a conversation that way hahaha sorry I'm completely new with this app (yeah strange i know)

  3. Why have background music against a female voice that is weaker than the music in many areas.

  4. What i wanna know is how to record something and thr video show u dragging a text along with something in the video moving. Ive done it by mistake before but idk how to actually do it.
    For example i record a street. And a porsche pass by going 90 mph. I want the text to go along with the porsche saying somrthing like " fast af BOII " but dragging along with the car so u have a limited time to see it.

  5. Uh, seriously?? Don't people actually LISTEN to their own videos before posting?!?

  6. How do i save snaps from other people on the chat because they save my snaps but i cant because mine says opened and i cant save it

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