SMITE – God Reveal – Hachiman, Lord of the Eight Banners

Introducing the newest god to join the battleground – Hachiman, Lord of the Eight Banners. Available in the 4.17 “The Odyssey” patch in SMITE.

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  1. I'm sorry but why is the woman that stopped a war to rescue her husband and was 3 years pregnant whilst doing so not in the roster?

  2. Hachiman fix to Hajima. He need to fix hunter trainsfrom guardian. He like protector than predator to prof his self.

  3. Showing respect to one's enemies, fighting honorably…these are things I believe should be the cornerstones of modern warfare.

    But in the 21st Century, where almost everyone is clouded by shades of grey; many believe one should focus less on respect and honor and instead, do whatever it takes to win.

    Hachiman must be looking down upon mortals with shame

  4. LOL how lazy work…
    its very similiar w/ Medusa his 1 his 3 and + Guan Yu's Ult but ranged and + such a useless passive
    only good thing is his model is very very good
    pls rework his abilities
    Hachiman is rly great source pls hard work on him

  5. I wish they made his first ability the ability to pass through minions. That would give him better clear and allow him to hit enemies who hide within a minion wave to soak up the arrows.

  6. re-downloaded game after a yr not playing(waiting on new gods got sidetracked n forgot) and Hachi is a badass. got an arena score of like 14 kills 7 assists and a num1 rank on leaderboard,plus that line attack is great when pressured u just back up while shotting n totally catch em off guard with it.

  7. Posisbly the lamest passive ability dont grt me srong i see how its useful but ……compare this pasive to things like it that give stats or compare it to a insane passive like king arthurs

  8. Soo…
    A shittier Rama 1
    A crappier Bellona ult
    A more boring Susanoo 3
    And a better Guan yu ult?


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