Smartphone Tips – Android and iPhone Screen Recording, Video Capture – DIY in 5 Ep 98

We’ll break down how to record your smartphone’s screen whether you are on iOS or Android.

Why Screen Record?
You might want to record the screen on your phone so you can offer tech support for friends and family since showing people what to do can be much more effective than trying to explain it over the phone. Or maybe you are the one looking for some troubleshooting assistance with an app. Maybe you figured out something really cool in your favorite app or game and want to share it…


  1. How do you record iPad screen recording to SD CARD since the memory is full

  2. In the beginning, she used this orange thing on the side of her screen what is that I've been looking for that for a long time and can't find it

  3. Wow thank you for this video! Did you record your phone screen and manually sync it with your vlog recording when editing this on your computer?

  4. How do I upload a video to YouTube from a iphone? I don't want to keep my app open for 30 min or longer

  5. This video was no help I sat through 5 minutes and I still don't know how to record my screen

  6. None of the screen recorders are working on my lg v30 android 8.0 . they never let me get past the start recording/don't show this again at the beginning even though I press allow for permissions. -edit. Ok found the issue of was a brightness app that was on making it not work.

  7. Doesn’t work. Only records the menu with the record button on it (iphone) you can see the blurry video playing in the background

  8. Recording the screen with the camera app on and in photo shoot mode. The quality is better than actual video recording.

  9. I just saw Trisha's Instagram post. I wish I knew about this channel earlier!!!

  10. 1:22
    OH, you don't see it? That's Google's fault (in Android 9) because for some reason they decided to change that so swipe down again and then you'll see it.

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