Smartphone detox with minimalist phones

Our smartphones are distracting and stressful, but they seem necessary. Michael Zelenko tests out four distraction-free phones, ranging from the palm-sized Jelly phone with internet capability to the business card-sized Light Phone that solely makes phone calls. Find out if one of these phones could fit your lifestyle, or if maps and social media apps are too important for you.

Note: this video was originally published at 9AM ET and has been reuploaded to correct an exporting…


  1. The light phone is a great phone for parents to give to their children to help them grow up

  2. When it comes out I think you should test out the mudita pure mobile for minimalists and meditation. It sounds awesome what with its low sar

  3. I just got the Nokia. Now I pretty much just surf the web at night, actually get stuff done in the day. Functions just like my phone before my first iphone. I like it. I remember my dad having the OG as a kid too.

  4. UK gov love smartphones loaded with near field and gov APPS like national emergency app
    where you can be tracked & traced all day long ,so i use the smart phone for appointments ,council ,doctors hospital ect then when i go out i take my little PAYG Doro just a phone no internet if they track that they need 3 towers and that is only appx area unlike a smart phone where its is tracked within 3 ft + the doro is turned off unless im expecting a call or need to use it . fkem nosy bstards !

  5. The light phone is a genius idea. It’s also really high fashion. I like how it looks. Plus I don’t really like using phones.

  6. I've been using the Nokia 3310 as my daily driver phone for a year now and I love it. I will NEVER go back to a smartphone

  7. "In 2018 a lot of our communication happens over test and I don't really think that's such a bad thing" 5:45 /// I do. It takes the humanity, the emotion out of personal interaction. It's so bad that we've resorted to putting little yellow circles with faces on them in our texts in an attempt to convey the feeling that has been lost from not talking to each other. I think it's having/going to have unforeseen consequences to our emotional wellbeing.

  8. Phone calls, SMS, IM (whatsapp, telegram, discord, slack), camera, maps, music, battery life, payment app. hmmm

  9. the coolest minimalist phone was the Motofone F3 (the newest Flip Phones Moto Razr Flip are a great way to REDUCE screen time & still have a smartphone)

  10. I just bought an older qwerty slider phone to replace my samsung galaxy S9 so yes. But only If I have that slider keyboard

  11. The last phone is just a joke. do not buy that everyone get a cheaper phone that does the exact same thing.

  12. Punkt. all day. Receiving a software update on Monday. Can't wait for that. Love the MP02 as my main device with the Note 10+ I'm using for this when I need the internet. I have everything I need (and a few accessories) for computing work and entertainment.

  13. I spent a long time looking for a phone that did all that I considered essential but without the bells and whistles to swallow up all my attention. Eventualy I realised it didn't exist and I just needed to change my relation ship with my existing phone. I just removed every non essential app then locked the app store with the Norton App Lock. Problem solved.

  14. I’ve had my iPhone 10 (x) since it came out in 2017 with no plans on getting an upgrade any time soon! Just got a really nice nubuck leather wallet case for it to replace my busted one lol… screen cracks or anything and it works great. Don’t think I’d give it up fir a minimalistic phone though. In this technological age it’s more of an inconvenience to NOT be connected than people think it is to be addicted to a smartphone. I do all my college work through my phone and iPad. I even have word, excel, PowerPoint etc on them for easy use. Don’t even need a laptop these days.

  15. These seem like really good beginner phones for kids, I'd never give a young kid an iPhone or a premium android as their first phone, they need to work their way up for that, they need something simpler first.

  16. My MP02 is arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed on UPS.

    Also BlackBerry Secure. That could also mean they use some other BlackBerry features.

  17. I totally agree. I have a Kyocera I bought at the Dollar general about ten years ago. If there was a company that made a phone like that I would be the first in line. Although it was a blackberry knock-off, it was the best for calls and text only.

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