Smartphone Awards 2019!

The best of smartphones in 2019!

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Top Big Phones [0:51]
Best Compact Phones [2:50]
Best Cameras [4:53]
Best Battery Life [7:28]
The Design Award [9:42]
Top Budget Phones [12:03]
Biggest Bust [15:11]
Most Improved [18:23]
MVP [20:47]

Asus ROG Phone II Review:
Galaxy S10E Review:
iPhone 11 Pro Review:
Samsung Galaxy Fold Review:


  1. I was thinking oh shit preety bad year for OnePlus and just 5 second later
    I was like:-
    Wait a minute…!😯

    ( I was thinking overall winner will be the 11 pro max or S10 plus)

  2. Dea @MKBHD, U forgot to mention the realme X2 pro, which is way better than the budget range winner..

  3. On the camera department, i think the huawei mate 30 pro should have placed better.

    Btw: fair awards.

  4. Next time…you might want to glue them phones behind you on a white board….it might look cool ..just a suggestion

  5. He was saying that in America OnePlus 7T starts at $700 , but I bought it for $450 dollar on 20 November 2019 (in india) 😎😎😎.

  6. The pixels 1 was hated because of the useless chin at the bottom, the pixel 4 is hated cause the chin on top

  7. man all i want is a proper 5'' size phone including the entire body. not iphones new SE with 4.7'' display but the body is the size of a modern 5.7/5.8'' phone where the entire front is a screen…. 5.8 is not compact :/

  8. Hi bro. Galaxy s10e, oppo reno ace, both aren’t available here in saudi. Pls bring middle east version of this vid pls 🙂 I’m looking for a mid range smartphone. My pixel 2 xl chipped an unable to get it fixed :/ (my preference is same as you, camera!) but i hate lags

  9. When he was talking about the worst phone was I the only one who was imagining that the phones were listening???

    no? ok only me 🙁

  10. i dont see how iphone got best camera, as long as i can remember they have had shit cameras compared to flag ship Samsung / android devices

  11. I watched this on a OnePlus 7 Pro.
    One recommendation for wired headphone users, don't bother with the official headphone adaptor, get a high end one, such as the one I use from Tempotec

  12. Before you know it, 5 years later they’ll be shoving a quantum supercomputer into a smartphone

  13. I know he’s looking around so you don’t know what phone he’s choosing but it looks like he’s just picking at random

  14. Do you think you could put the prices of the phone at the time of recording for the next phone awards?

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