Smartphone Awards 2018!

The best of smartphones in 2018!

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Top Big Phones [0:53]
Best Compact Phones [2:33]
Best Cameras [4:26]
Best Battery Life [5:54]
The Design Award [7:42]
Top Budget Phones [9:13]
Biggest Bust [10:39]
Most Improved [11:33]
MVP [12:49]

Galaxy Note 9 Review:
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review:
iPhone XS Review:
Google Pixel 3 Review:
Samsung Galaxy…


  1. Him: Mistakes get made
    All that pops in my head: some mistakes get made that's alright that's okay-

  2. Anyone here because they can’t afford 2020 flagships??
    Just me?

  3. Wtf on beginning of video you compare huawei mate 20 Pro with pure Samsung note 9
    This video is big failure

  4. Best battery life is xperia xa2 ultra off the the charger it lasted up to 15 days on standby and play use is 10 days.

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