[SM5] BTI2 Special 2: VALLEYSTONE – "Wait 4 Enjoy (siromaru Sunrise Remix)"

Bubble Tea Invitational Co-Host’s Exciting Sightreadables II: Avatar: The Last Arrowbender
Round 2, Special Stage
VALLEYSTONE – “Wait 4 Enjoy (siromaru Sunrise Remix)”
MBC Scale: 3
Platform: StepMania 5.0.12

The next elemental technique on the list is waterbending, and, oh boy. I definitely thought this was a lot easier than it turned out to be. The fact that MBC’s Warriors Aboot was firmly Level 3 on the MBC scale should have tipped me off. On top of that, the boomerang section after the…


  1. holy fuck this is so cool
    also I guess the water wheel is just easier to read when not viewed through a webcam

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