SINoALICE – Beginners Guide + What To Reroll For?

While I was livestreaming the game earlier today, I saw many confusion regarding the game mechanics and reroll process. So I thought I would make this video to help out as many players as I can who plan in starting out the game today with their reroll. Hopefully with the game itself out, I am able to show some of the stuffs in the global version of the game itself as well.

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  1. I got Cinderella and Alice with no other sr weapon. Should I keep or reroll ? I want to main breaker or gunner. So debating if I should keep this or roll breaker with 2-3 sr weapon for breaker or gunner

  2. Nightmares haven't been added to the game yet, so don't roll for nightmares, you'll just be waisting your time.

  3. You can also work on S gear and upgrade them to SR. I managed to get 4 books of dependence, so I got a level 75 SR book of dependance because of it

  4. I got 2 unlocked character Cinderella (Breaker) and Alice (Cleric).
    1SR (Red) staff.

    And then do Gacha(1000gems) got again, both of them..

  5. I got an epic roll,

    alice cleric and 2 other SR weapons. One that is fire type and looks like a future telling orb and a green(wind?) lantern, both are equipable by this character apparently.
    It came up after 10-20 tries. Considering myself lucky

  6. Hello, i got 2 class, it's Cinderella (Breaker) and Gretel (Minstrel), is that good enough?

  7. I feel like I donked up pretty hard on my initial
    I had a gretel minstrel and this SR fire hammer that fit the pinnochio crusher that I wanted to main, but I rereolled trying for 2 classes
    After an hour, I settled on another gretel that came with another SR instrument main, I guess 🤷‍♀️

  8. Got 2 Cinderella with no other ssr… Is it woroth to get ssr dupe in this game?

  9. I got alice and cinderella on one roll. Is there any reason why we should get 2 at least when you're only playing like 1 class the entire time?

  10. Get 2 DIFFERENT jobs on initial roll. DO NOT settle for no jobs or only one job with no SR weapons that match the class. It makes a huge difference in pvp. Also, you can NOT get a Nightmare on the initial roll.

  11. 27 re-roll, got 2 class (Alice + Cinderella) and 1 SR……..took it because i think 2 class + 2 SR is going to be too hard xD. Thanks for the help! first time player

  12. i still cant find a guide about all the class, why sword user called breaker? why theres also crusher? did crusher can give something like crushing armor or something? can healer and support attack too or they only give buffs? it still confusing to new beginner since rerolling weapon doesnt come with more information about it

  13. I got both Cinderella and Pinocchio but I wanted to get Cinderella and Alice. Now I I can't get it lol. 😂

  14. I did like 1500/1700(2.4hs) rerolls with 6 memu instances and i only get 3 accounts with 2 jobs, gretel and cin, and 2 cin and alice, the drop rate is f* low!

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