Should you ROOT your Android phone in 2019?

Is root still relevant in 2019, or has the time to hack your Android phone passed? Alex, Jerry, Harish and Ara break it down.

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  1. Can't I hide the fact that I'm rooted to apps I don't want to know (like banking apps) with magisk?

  2. I used to only get Carrier locked phone's and then I started buying Unlocked Motorola phone's cause they are cheap and I would Root them and use them for awhile until Google came out with the cheaper Pixel 3a. Now I'm gonna continue to roll with Google's phone's not only are they easier to Root but they also have longer Android support than any other phone plus they are Carrier Unlocked so you can use them on any Carrier.

  3. I'm waiting for the /e/ easy installer than I'm gonna root my oneplus 7 pro edit i love linux

  4. All these comments about having a rooted device and I haven't still learned how to root

  5. I modded and rooted the hell out of my Max Pro M1 with Magisk. This is my daily driver and I just typed this comment with it. There is still a lot of things that anyone can do with root. It's just isn't really necessary anymore because the things that involve root today is not really "visible", which meant that it's not something that a lot of people would notice, such as optimized GPS, wifi bandwith bonding, AdAway. While tethering is something that everyone needed, these root related things isn't really something that people don't need, or at least don't know that they needed it. Btw, widevine L1 and google pay now can be fixed with some other rooted things, such as a magisk module and such.

  6. In scared to root my phone if I do something wrong, but I kinda need too because I want to install my apps on my sd card. I use lollipop 5.1.1 help

  7. I rooted my:
    HTC evo
    HTC evo 4g LTE
    HTC evo shift (slide out keyboard)
    Galaxy Note 3
    Galaxy note 4
    Galaxy tab pro 8.4
    And I'll probably never need to root my factory unlocked note 9, although I do miss YouTube ad blockers and being able to upgrade android versions when I want, and all the awesome custom roms and cool features.. but right now my phone is as fast as it was out of the box still and it's going on 3 years old already.. I think the galaxy Note 9 is one of the greatest has everything phone you can get today, and they can be bought for under $400 now, I actually bought the 128gb version and the 512gb/8gb ram version, the 128gb version actually scores higher on alot of tests I've done and seen.. but after another couple years I feel the extra storage and ram with help out sum.. great phones.. I'd say the note 9 will have the longest life out of any phone out right now, it's still a relevant today and people are still buying them.. only downfall I see is they wont have 5g on them, but they do have band 71..
    I consistently get 200mbps download and 50mbps upload any time of day on T-mobile in my area and about 80% of everywhere I go.. tmobile FTW

  8. I didn't root my factory unlocked note9, I did however root my unlocked tmobile note4 and I used that phone up till I bought the 512gb unlocked note9 and I probably wont root the note9 because I like using NFC and Samsung pay, and the note9 is a great phone today and runs buttery smooth still.. one UI2.0 is great.. rooting is in the past as of today for me..

  9. Nice actually I have a Samsung A10 as my new phone but I still want to root my Huawei Y5ii cun l01 but I couldn't find any rooms back 3 or 4 years ago I might try rooting this old phone soon now

  10. im never gonna root my s10 plus. part of the reason is mine isnt exynos, but even it it was, i still wouldnt do

  11. I wanted to root my phone for better camera performance; gcam. Should i do it? If so what are the other benefits of a rooted phone?

  12. I once rooted my phone a few years ago but nowadays I cannot find any way to root my new one

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  14. Does rooting make your device quicker or smoother? I have Huawei p30 lite

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