Should I buy a Cheap Android Head Unit? – Part 2 – Octacore vs Quadcore



A few months ago I had the opportunity to review an Ownice C500 Quadcore Double Din Android 6 Head Unit from Gearbest. I’ve been running the unit in the family car for a few months now and overall have been very happy with it.

I reached out to Gearbest with a few small annoyances and they offered to send me the newer Octacore model to review and compare.

In this video I…


  1. You say that they increased the RAM to 32GB but I think you're getting RAM and ROM mixed up. ROM is onboard storage, so the octacore will have 32GB of storage space for apps and files. The Gearbest website confirms this as well.

    I certainly don't mean to nitpick. I appreciate the video, have been looking to pick one of these up for my BRZ since your part 1 video and will be using your referral link to do so!

  2. thanks for the review – its a pity no-one seems to have ever done a side by side comparison / analysis of the AM / FM radio performance of these android sets compared to a stock OEM stereo. It would be interesting to see if the current generation of these sets has resolved their issues with RDS AF frequency re-selection and also a side by side comparison of the reception of more distant FM stations (android versus OEM) . Accepted that its not the main selling point of these devices, with internet radio streams but for me its the one thing that makes me hesitant to invest

  3. I have a question: Is there still a need for Android Auto use if you are using an Android stereo unit?

  4. Thanks for the review! I was choosing between 4 core and 8 core. Boot time is important imo. Wanna get in get going right away with some hype s music 🙂

  5. Great stereo! Just isnt great if you have a subwoofer. There is no built in crossover on the android unit. Other then that they're pretty bad ass.

  6. How about loading mp3s, if you have a 64gb sd card for example do the 64gb mp3s load faster ?

  7. have you installed in your forester yet? I have a forester keen on installing one

  8. Overpriced cheap brand. Review better Android head units! 10.1 inch with Android 9.0 or at least 8.1 damn.

  9. I bought quadcore because there is no much difference, why should I spend more money, thanks for the video

  10. i has looking now many rewiews and sygis android apps have best offline navication software, but i no know were load country maps ? need thailand maps.

  11. 300$ to only music can use, no newer waste money to music this. if car have speakers no need waste money more can hear music good. and new car has all include radio and all speakers what need. no need waste money and buy shit aplifields and speakers more. idiot buy. only change genuine cd and radio better cheap android system and all have perfect.

  12. google map have shit you need internet connection you drive, thats mean you need sim car, this is shit, navi must be offline map. no need newer internet can use. ot better,cheapen,safety.

  13. Hi great video
    I have one similar to the one on the right – I made the mistake of turning down the display brightness to zero -(nighttime but finger also dragged daytime I think) and now screen is black – how can I change this? Obs I can’t go through settings because I can’t see anything on the touch screen arghhhh please help

  14. 22 sec boot for the fast one… vs 3sec for 14 yo radios. Is that only the first boot or are we really going backward?

  15. No, Thank you. In less than a year the Dasaita screen went blank over and over again. So the Head unit was pulled and replaced with a Toying Head unit. Same results in less than two weeks so I sent it back for refund. Replaced with a used Factory OEM ENTUNE Navigation Head unit and it works great. From my experience its best to go with Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and Alpine Head Units. My son has a Pioneer NEX 8200 and it works beautifully in his 2016 Toyota Corolla.

  16. if you put reverse gear, what happens to te camera if the radio is switched off?

  17. The unit I have, which is not a mainstream brand name, but Australian company, takes nearly 50seconds to boot.The radio does not come one till then. Is this common? It's only AM/FM.If I am away from the car for more than 10 minutes (???) it has to boot again to have the radio on. Just checked to see that this really IS 2019!!

  18. Thank you very much for this valuable review! Which year model is your Forester?

  19. $350??? You can get a name brand Carplay/Android Auto car stereo that sounds great and has much better audio drivers etc. The only advantage on these that I can see is the resolution

  20. Hey man, great presentation. It helped me choose
    . 🙂
    One question, are the side touch buttons lighting red as shown in the picture in their page?

    I can not find any setup that allows me to turn it on and it's very hard to use device at night when those buttons do not light up. I practically don't see anything.

  21. Do you think it's still worth buying an Andoid 6.0 head unit? They are a fair bit cheaper, but are they still usable? Main thing I use is the video player from usb, and radio.

  22. Does the TPMS work with factory sensors? Particularly Ford or Toyota?

  23. Have you tried any Android 8.0 devices yet? How would they compare? Which version is most stable for Waze etc.?

  24. Great videos – I'm considering one of these and a backup camera for an older Odyssey. Does it also support Apple CarPlay? If so, Wireless or Wired?

  25. Hi guys, what about the 32GRom vs 16G Rom comparison? Do you really need 32G ROM for Apps that are used in a car? So let´s skip every game, only usefel Car apps, aren´t 16G Rom enough or would you say 32 G ROM is a must?

  26. This guy is hard to listen to saying octacore and quadcore are buzzwords and then calling storage Ram and calling ram onboard storage

  27. This is all good but how do these units SOUND? I would hate to leave the major brands that pioneered good sounding audio for a few features that I have on my new cellphone. Why are the non android units still higher priced if they cant do as much?

  28. Watching your first video you mentioned you were a custom ROM developer. Does it concern you and does it affect normal use that this is only running 6.0? Do you for see an update in it's future?

  29. Is it possible to upgrade the ram on these? the specs say its ddr3 and on other videos it look like its a standerd plug in memory board.

  30. Could you install magisk on this unit and run sound mods like viper 4 android or ICE sound

  31. FYI The Octacore version you linked in the description appears to be Discontinued. There is a different looking head unit with similar specs but a different looking front face for almost $400 USD.

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