shapes in c++ using nested loops and pattern | Drawing shapes in c++ | creating shapes patterns

shapes in #c++ using nested #loops and #patterns and Drawing shapes in c++ and creating shapes patterns In this video we will learn how to draw shapes and …


  1. I wish there was an English version of this video. A little helpful though, Thank you!

  2. Wow…..on this video…….i learn so much and also realize how to programs work in step by step………..thank you so much sir…….you make me happy……..godbless……..

  3. can you choose between English and whatever else the fuck you're speaking? can't understand a thing you're saying dude. fucking lame

  4. I still understood it even though I didn't get any word you said XD. THANKS!!!

  5. You have amazingly explained. Good job dear 👏 I'll strongly suggest that you make a complete course of 1 or 2 hour c++ video step by step.

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