Set up Microsoft Teams for Education online classes and lectures – Part 1

Learn to use Microsoft Teams for Education to deliver online lessons and support remote learning. This webinar tutorial covers how educators can create online classrooms and meet online with students in real-time proving a secure remote learning experience.

00:00 Intro to Microsoft Teams
08:52 Overview Class Teams
12:06 Open Microsoft Teams app
15:40 Create a Class Team
18:36 Create join URL link to invite students
20:45 Use join code to invite students
22:20 Adding class material…


  1. I had mistakenly deleted my ms teams app and it is not starting again
    What I can do for it to continue my classes

  2. People are dying due Coronavirus
    School: can I offer you some Homework during this trying time

  3. I tried.. but Microsoft Teams Education.. What happens if I dont have a school email address assigned to me?

  4. How to make all the classes from one platform and then faculty can use it? Suppose administration department can make all the classes n add faculty to it ? how to do that?

  5. The ability to automatically create break out rooms is major flaw in this unbelievablely poorly conceived software for education. Awful product. 👎

  6. When i want to creat a team i only see 2 options, private or public team. Not like what's in the viedo like class, PLC, etc.
    Can you explain please?

  7. Can this be used for providing private lessons as well or is it only available for educational institutions?

  8. Hello Sir/Ma'am,
    I am school librarian in India. Kindly tell me how to take one-hour virtual classes of library for school students through mobile during this lock down period. Waiting for your kind reply.

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