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We’ve put together this quick user guide video to show you how easy getting connected and staying in control with Sesh True Wireless Earbuds actually is.
Looking for more information on how to use your Sesh True Wireless Earbuds? Check out these videos on how to use them:
First Time Pairing:
Using Only One Earbud:
On Board Controls:
Troubleshoot Pairing:

Sesh makes it easy…


  1. What a rip off. The mic is too weak for phone calls and battery doesn't last as long as it says

  2. Does the case stop charging the earbuds once they reach 100% or does it keep going. And drain the case battery faster?

  3. Truly love then and I DON'T leave my house without them mono mode is great when I'm navigating using Google maps, looks like the Evo and Indy have more features than Sesh. I really wish the case more durable to drops. It slipped out my hands and despite the buds stayed in the case and it stayed closed did put a good crack in the case 😩 but it STILL charges, maybe an outer rubber shell on the next generation.

  4. I need help. My left earbud isn't working for some reason. I have tried charging it but it doesn't turn on. It's weird because the left one works just fine. Do you have a solution or should I send them in?

  5. They don't charge whenever I put them in case I have to adjust them a lot still they don't charge. Its so annoying.

  6. I have to yell in order for someone to hear me in a call. Am I the only one with microphone problems?

  7. Just bought mine today – 50 minute bike ride (used them in mono mode) absolutely great audio and never felt like it would fall out. Can't see any reason why anyone would spend £100 + more for AirPods when these are £30 or so

  8. This is a dumb question but I want to know if it’s okay to leave the earbuds in the case while not in use, or will that eventually kill the battery as it’s in a charging box. Is there a way to turn off the charging box? Or is it fine? Thanks in advance!

  9. I've had mine for about almost a week, and just today when I was watching youtube videos the audio sounded staticky. It wasn't like this yesterday. Can anyone help?

  10. Don’t buy this it’s a trash scam by American brand it breaks and won’t charge again specifically on the left one which is the mother key to the usage and forcing you to buy another one americans want to scam the world with their low quality trash and only give service to their own people so sell these trash only in America! garbage

  11. I’ve tried my best only the right one pairs I’ve done the troubleshooting steps and same out come right side acts like it’s the main bud and only pairs which is going to make me scream

  12. Hi, the left one doesn’t work and doesn’t charge the battery 🤷🏽‍♀️ what should I do?

  13. I bought mine on Amazon in January. The right one has a lot of irritating noise since I bought them. What could be the issue?

  14. who else has the problem when you put them back into the case and only one shuts off and the other won't charge but when you take it out of the case it won't pair

  15. I was going to get the AirPods pro for 230$ but settled for these for 35$ with a discount code and they sound amazing 😌.

  16. I got these headphones and i love them, but today the LED on my right earbud is just red, it doesn't turn on or off, it stays red when i put it in the case and when i take it out, it doesn't connect to my phone, its just red, i let them sit out for its battery life and it still was red

  17. The mic on mine isn't working. This is my third pair cause there's always wrong with them. Well the last set I had was actually pretty good but I lost the charging case and I had to return the buds to get a new set and these ones suck

  18. Thank you so much. This is way more helpful than even the user guide was. I was afraid I was going to be able to use these magnificent things, haha

  19. So what the sound quality is and the loudness of these bad boys. Cause thats to many features for me to remember

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