Selling My iPhone X To a Machine at Walmart

I saw the EcoATM phone machine at Walmart and thought how much would I get for selling my new iPhone X? The video popped up in my YouTube ‘Recommended’ feed earlier this week and with the Apple iPhone X starting at $999…will Walmart buy my iPhone X?
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Selling My iPhone XS Max to a Machine at Walmart:

Original vid:…


  1. He obviously used cuts to switch to a shitty prepaid Alcatel OneTouch.

    Fuckin click bait and lies.

  2. You Are goofy stupid for selling a new phone just so people will watch your YouTube channel!!!! I just got SCAMED Out of $300 dollars buying a second hand phone, because my old one is falling apart! That’s a lot of money to me being on disability. I wd lave loved that phone & you are just drawing money out of the bank & blowing it!!!!

  3. They offered me $2 for a busted up piece a shit with no power i found on the ground at a dump. This video is trash and belongs in the trash.

  4. Stupidity?i think not he has 12 million views something most would not get in 12 lifetimes….ah hun do u not get paid after so many views?hmmm the guy lost a phone but cashed in on views….business baby…lol

  5. 7:14
    "Is it trying to get your data?"
    Bruh if you're gonna sell your phone i'm pretty sure you're gonna factory reset it before giving it to anyone or anything

  6. Oh for the love of GAWD people…whiteboy got punked for his $900.00 $9.00 phone.

    Homeboy drives a BMW for a reason. ‘The Face’ here in the video is that reason. He should stay in the valley.

  7. Yo ass better not have donated.. that cord might have been bad.. if you've seen videos of other doing this you should've known people getting 20 bucks just for broken iphones..

  8. I have a iPhone XR unlocked brand new no iCloud or password hit m up! I’m in Hawthorne by the way??

  9. Dude… Are you really that stupid.? So you spend 900 on a iPhone X just to recycle it.!? Lol man you've either tripped and can't get down or you cut the video and put the fake phone in the machine and then decided to tell a lie to your viewers to see there reaction… Lol come on.!

  10. “We take phone theft very seriously”
    “One third of android phone users don’t use a lock screen passcode”
    Nice, now I know what kinda phones to steal

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